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Online but again they just have to be on the up enough whatever money tip moments away look saying david in taylor's bill north carolina i gave it below come up but love you show but it's all the i'm doing but i've got a girl a garden sooner on all week you have customers come in that we don't always the week in the house or don't opponent and will miss people coming in what starter look into so software but up for that and for security around the house here and um what we were looking for was aware that if somebody throw off it would send the message to home oh my whitehair the fitted for that i won't know home activate the tidbit so she don't somebody third you could either go on opponents even better or or go well or come off from the thunder were or do too health yes yes and basically in ten put up motions sensing camera right correct and then when so many drives up there you know whether it's car person truck bike you name it is that when that motion is detected danced you or your wife both of you would get a text message or and or you could also get an email so whether you working on your computer or you're outside like you said with the under right have you and it's really kind of a a simple solution i was unsure grab the subs look there's some other ones morey yard kick it operating in the aaron look we're a lotta response to post early simple i didn't know you the and periods he would know more all of them are very simple t his you know because the basic premise is the same when motion is detected you are going to get a text message now depending.

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