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Like two. You kind of have the two extreme perspectives. And so for you to be able to come together and be able to say like, okay, so this is what this is what I found through my journey and experience with this object matter. I think that's really really wonderful. Yeah, the interesting thing is, is I could absolutely argue both points. You know, I know the talking points of both sides so well. I was actually I would go speak at the capitol in Sacramento California on behalf of Planned Parenthood and speak to the news outlets and speak to the representatives and stuff there. And then later, I ended up being a kind of social media coordinator for Abby. So I was responding to people on her social media platforms and stuff. And helping her with her outreach, not because I was pro life or not because I was opposed to abortion. But I could very much respond as she would, because I knew exactly what the talking points and the important points were. And. Her stances and her things have very much changed over time. But at the time when I volunteered at Planned Parenthood, I am not gonna lie. I hated the pro life movement. I mean, vehemently hated the pro life movement, partially because Planned Parenthood kind of set that in my mind that these were the bad guys. These were the people trying to take our rights away, and they were trying to ruin my life and all this. So I had this very strong narrative in my mind of what these people were, but also because I had a personal experience. And this is something I haven't talked about publicly, but I had this personal experience where I found myself in an unplanned pregnancy shortly after my mom passed away. And I panicked and I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to have an abortion and I reached out to the pro life movement to the people that had been protesting at my clinic for all this time and saying, we love you and we care about you and will help you no matter what. And I reached out, and I said, look, this is a situation I'm in. And here I am, you know, playing Paradise court putting her tail between her legs, saying I need your help. And it seemed on the surface. It's okay, we're going to take you to the crisis pregnancy centers and we're going to help you, but it was really, we're going to give you diapers and formula and you can figure out the hell out on your own. And that was very disheartening because here I am a person that just lost her mom. I'm on my own. I have no money. I have nothing to speak up. I'm literally scraping by month month and they're going, well, we'll give you some diapers and formula. And I just had the worst taste in my mouth about the entire movement because I thought that that's what they were, you know, or these people that were love you and we're going to take you under our wing. Oh, no, you're too much trouble. You're too needy. You have too many needs. And Abby was the first person that I came across that wasn't like that that she very much when I end up getting pregnant with my son said, what

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