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The you know i look at the 70s leaders that think like i do um a along the east coast and they have this exposure where at the other team uh accused him of not understanding business and they're the are like defenceless whereas the other side they have everybody stands up those yes you know i'm a businessman in that guy's a businessmen are all business and you get accused of not understanding business no but un say other dental as leader senator bob casey for example right great senator out of pennsylvania he just never been in business great leader and he uh he he believes as i do that this is just silly silly pants this is what we're dealing with his tax break and he gets this a he gets attacked from all these different angles saying what are you know you don't know anything about business you've never been a ceo who so i realized that these guys need a friend who's in business and so i stood up for them and said well i'm a co and let me just tell you what it is you wouldn't believe how many emails i received from other ceo saying here here right on brother real oh yeah because everyone does know it they do it's like the king has no clothes but who's gonna say that problem is slow farmboys gonna fight point that out finally do you think any of those other ceos would speak out publicly i guess that everyone has their own thing you know would you encourage any of them to speak out loudly by i've been trying you have and what's the response battle timidly a year and because of what shareholders might say i think a lot of their public personalities owned by the company and they they really need to make sure that they don't compromise for the company but there are certain leaders him you'll see in the west coast like silicon valley there are more like me everyone's like skrela are they tweeted immediately rights like everybody they just don't have the same i think i'm maybe that's what it is i'm a west coast guy and i've come to the east coast i just won't behave as much as they expected to say.

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