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Expressing symbolism through art. Slow on the five and cast AIC outside of the five. It has lead canyon. We had an earlier crash for awhile. All lanes were blocked while they're trying to move cars off the shoulder. Looks like they've done that. All the lanes have been reopened. Boy, The damage is done. The traffic just jammed up solid all the way back from Lubeck. Basically on that South bound five KFC and the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Michael Brian's looking at Woodland Hills. Yeah, and Well, I think it's some police activity going on the one on 111 south about it's a finger Canyon looks like probably multiple lanes blocked as it's getting extremely tight. Now back through Calabasas is now before you get that far. South 11. You've got some normal get away or it should say coming back Traffic That's going to start way back in Santa Barbara, and in stretches, you're going to be slow most of the way into Ventura. Now it looks like the southbound side of the 15 and the co home pass. That just remains a mask. Southbound 15 that loads up there just past the 3 95 going to be very tough from there to quake. Horn Fire wrote injured in an accident. Visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Michael Brian K. F I and the sky Well, you know what we had earlier, Just terrible, slowing northbound side of the five out of orange are San Diego County into Orange County. It's eased up a lot. You're not going to hit the brake until about halfway through Camp Pendleton still off and on slowing back through San Clemente, and then again, you're going to hit the brakes in San Juan Capistrano. KF eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Will Cole's driver going to be sunny and warm tomorrow we'll have more next. The Navy Federal more awards, American Express card transforms our everyday missions so you can turn your commute Fair next top eight stream into tickets for an awesome night out. And turn your grocery run. To a trip to total relaxation..

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