Egypt, Saudi Royal Families, Hamas discussed on Background Briefing


There is this new de facto alliance if you will between israel egypt under the military dictatorship and the saudi royal families and how much is since this seems to be uh more than a subtext to crush hamas or at least de fund it what do you think is he mentioned the this was all triggered by trump's a trip recent trip to saudi arabia said the plans in play what is the plan seventy one of the supplof now i'm off has recently happened election and how michelle who is boys today's based in doha has given his position to now uh his successor's based in gaza so in theory uh both the extra channel and the internal leadership of hamas is based in gaza efficient really affect them but in practice how michelle is still a member of the shoora or for the council the governing council of high enough to have a rope play and so they fact a total haul off he'll housing hamas for the how did michelle and this will have an effect that funding for mainly from the wrong with tough hole off to the events in syria which as you know they fed off with the palme host the by shaw a thought and they have to move off his full 100 michelle hats move off his from damascus to doha that all report that some members of the organisation and now moving from doha turkey and lebanon and we'll see what happens spot seventy one of the subtext of this is uh israel pressurising federal leadership of hamas by supporting and by having uh.

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