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This update metaphor to set to go on, trial later this month on tax fraud Bank fraud and other charges brought by special. Counsel Robert Muller manafort's lawyers had asked for the trial to. Be moved away from Alexandria Virginia just outside. The nation's capital they argued that because. Of the media attention it would be impossible. For Manafort to get an impartial jury in the DC area but judge T S Ellis, disagrees and has denied their request the trial is, scheduled to open July, twenty, fifth Manafort also, faces a separate trial this fall in Washington DC on similar charges. The cases are part of Muller's investigation into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election although the charges against Manafort stem from lobbying work he did in Ukraine, Ryan Lucas NPR news Washington on stock markets in Asia shares are, mixed lower in Shanghai Following gains on Wall Street this is NPR news from k. q. e. news I'm Tiffany Cam high contra Costa county is set to. Have one of its first cannabis oil manufacturing laboratories in Pittsburgh that's after this city, council, approved a permit yesterday for. Canyon laboratories to use cannabis oil in their, medical and non medical products Richard Fischler is the CEO of canyon for us to. Be kind of the leader in the space benefits in Pittsburgh. I need it really showcases Pittsburgh as having. One of the premier manufacturers of these. Types of products within its city limits Fischler. Says the move could potentially bring in tens of thousands of dollars of revenue for the, city a US House Judiciary committee hearing on social, media content moderation quickly, turned, into partisan bickering, senior Silicon Valley editor Tanya Moseley has more at the start Maryland Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin. Called the accusations that conservatives are being silenced on. Social media as pure fantasy but Facebook's Monica bicker did apologize to right-wing personalities diamond and silk for deeming them as. Dangerous the bigger issue says San Jose congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is that algorithms are playing into what users want to see the net. Result is that Americans have been isolated into bubbles that is allowed the American public to be exploited by our enemies. Critics argue the hearings are a waste of time and that the decisions by social media companies on content is fundamentally a. First amendment protected right I'm Tanya Moseley k..

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