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And just to put it in context for people who might not be familiar with the Charlotte area. Who are listening state spill is about twenty to thirty minutes away on I seventy seven depen-. On how traffic is on one of the worst arteries in America's roadways. Yes, I'm sure sometimes that trip takes longer. But certainly that's not far, you know, half hour to get from here to states Ville tops. That's not too bad. But when the cars arrive here Jerry just to sort of explain a little bit further. They're pretty much almost in finished state. And then when they come here to mooresville, they just put like the finishing touches the rap with people would think of as the paint scheme, and then loaded on the truck here in and send it out and the crew chiefs have their offices here as well. Yes. That's correct. So yeah. And I think it's a it's a little more than that going on here at in mooresville shop the cars come I think anything that's manufactured the body the chassis. Gotcha. That's what's done and over in our states Ville shop. It comes over here and suspensions bolted on drivers seats put in all the interior components fuel cell engine. And then then set up and ready to go to the racetrack. So you know, I don't want to sell a poor guy short here. Now a lot going on here too. So this is the most important part. Right. I mean, they have to be right. Well, get on the truck. You know, it's all important. You know, if if it's not done right in the fabrication process. There's no way they're gonna fix it at this point. So the body's just not right? And you're not getting the arrow you need on the car. The chassis is not straight or built the way it should be. You know, you're never gonna get the handle so maintaining that quality control with two different shops. Donnie wingo here who's been a longtime crew chief he oversees all of our car production. He has spent a lot of time traveling between states Ville mooresville and then over to row standing gauged with what's going on with our alliance partner in rows Fenway. So Donnie does a fantastic job with just ensuring the quality control the cars, and we've really been pleased to see our product as you get these scan maps off the Hawkeye system, and the consistency in our cars and compare them to the rash cars which were trying to build to their spec. You know, I feel like our guys do a good job of that just to again frame it for people when I drove up here from Charlotte. I got off on. Exit thirty five and seventy seven in came through the the winding road that leads up to the hill that the shop sits on and went past rouse, Yates, were all the engines come from Tra Ford teams and some other suppliers and vendors down here down the road. So I presume Jerry like having this new location at when you're expanding your staff by nearly a third when you're going from sixty something people to ninety something people being in mooresville allows you to attract maybe a better talent pool. Then you could even though states Ville is only thirty minutes away. There's some people think that's the country. This is a little bit more like the city. Yeah. For sure for sure even though it is that close it can be a million miles away to somebody's gotta drive to work there every day. So and as you alluded to with the traffic, if you live in a certain part of Charlotte, and you got to traverse through all that traffic to get the state's Ville, it can be a nightmare odd..

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