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Before you get the Halloween stuff. I was at this giant thie American Music Awards in Vegas like 2003 away. These superstars were doing the junket tour around a different radio stations. I was set up, but he did. He was on ly going. The big markets, huge entourage around him, and I'm a picture. I just had my camera. I just I don't wanna interview I wanted to get my picture taken with him and I was going. I was kind of like on the outside. If he was, you know, they just surrounded by his honour's I was going and I were going. Ah, didn't Mr. Did he climb a picture taken with that, Mr Denny? And and literally sent a total nerd and everything stopped and he stopped and looked at me and looked at his entourage looked back at me to go. No thanks, Mr Did he kind of a picture taken? But no, no, You said like Maria Bartiromo talking nice. You can I call you? Q Call you kill. I don't know about everybody else's neighbourhood. It seemed like many neighborhoods in Central Indy. We're having a normal Halloween are the neighborhood I was in was was hot. Like Friday. We had a costume contest, and there was a beer truck. In one court Saturday. I think my kids had their best Halloween ever. You guys have a lot of trick trader Aton of trick or treaters. I think there's a lot of families in the neighborhood where I live, and it wasn't the traditional go knock on the door type of thing. Trigger tree. It was we had. Most neighbors had tables set up at the end of the driveway. Most neighbors had Bonfires going in the driveway, and that's what it was. And I think my kids take was even heavier than normal. Last year, there was an ice storm, but I had a blast. Things seemed completely 100% normal. In our neighborhood in terms of trick or treating, and I think it was more efficient just to have people sit out there on tables and have kids just go, you know, pick up candy off tables instead of knocking on the door trick or treat handing physically handing kids of candy. So I don't know about your your neighborhood Hammer. But are we get a lot of young families in arsenic seemed completely normal and a blast. It was dead in my name on And I hate that because normally we had kids from six o'clock going liketo nine. Even sometimes later, we'll keep the porch light on and We may have had 20 kids total from I had some. Yeah, but normally we're in the hundreds, though, So it was just a really bad turnout and In our neighborhood does it up good. You know, our neighbors got like the smoke machine and I have the deejay gear out, and I'm playing Ghostbusters and thriller and all that kind of stuff and we get the lights out. Man. It was probably maybe 20 kids. That's a bummer. But what is the demographic like in your neighborhood? Is it more older couples is a couples that have kids your age. I mean, your kids don't go trick or treating anymore, right? Well, my young one threw us an audible on Saturday He had stopped going for a number of years, 12 And he said, Hey, my friends All said they were going to go and I want to know if I could go with him. So this was very last minute, So it was, like, all right, so we made it out of a costume got everything ready? And he went, But everybody else was at my house passing out candy, and it was cricket where they was. He was your son knocking on doors. Or was it like my neighborhood where they people had tables set up in the edge of the drive a little bit of both a little bit of both. And we have the table set up there, too. And all that kind of. I think that's like moving forward. Even if there is no pandemic, That's probably what we'll do. We'll just set up a table to the end of the driveway. Have a bonfire. Bunch of my neighbors got together later at night. Several little we had, like one of those little cylindrical bonfire things that you'd set up just put in the driveway. I was great had a blast and it is most quote unquote normal. I've felt in a long time in terms of hanging out with people in the kids had a blast. Did you see Elissa Milano's Have Elaine story on Twitter? I know you follow her clothes, right? Very concerned with her career and her political views. So Tony Danza sitcom daughter dressed up as Ruth Bader Ginsberg for Halloween. How respectful And she posted a photo of herself and the caption said. RGB forever. Which is a problem because it should be our baby. So she was called out forgetting the initials wrong. She deleted the tweet. She repost the same photo like an hour later and says Happy Halloween. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She spelled Ginsberg wrong. You put it within a BU RG. So she had really fat tweet eventually did post any more that just screw it. Introducing touch free payments from papal a safe way. 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