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I've been talking about my daughter goes The middle school now in Cherokee County, and three of the six high schools that Jerky County has given everybody the option of either go back to class or or go online, and they literally had a thing about 75%. Of the kids that went back and then within the first couple of weeks, three high schools at a wa Whatever his creepy creek side and Woodstock High School, they all had to shut down immediately, not Cherokee High School they played. The other night, Corky Cal. I know Andi think they rolled actually, but they were one of the ones that didn't shut down. So it is interesting. Watching all of this is the willing to extend the season. Later. If need be to try to get as much action and legitimate playoff and things like that in or are they trying to keep to a strict timetable of Okay, This is when we need to be done or how What's that process been like something that they haven't want to talk about. You talk to people. And they say that the fall was the only thing they talked about. I talked with some people and they say, Yeah, there was an after January 1 plane as well. But they did not want to talk about did not want to make trouble again. You figure any school association in the country had to have some type of possible drop back plan. Of where? After January 1 of things so bad, But the way that they've always presented it was that fall is what they wanted to do a number different contingency plans and right now, well this season, they're starting. There are a number of schools system John, who are not starting Camp County is not starting. No, they're going to start a little bit later now. James Wilton County slipped back a week. You know, so I mean, there are a number of school systems that are gonna join in this thing, right? They may only play eight games. They've only played seven games right now. Imagine Beautiful, beautiful start this season. With eight games on this schedule, they don't have a full 10 game schedule. You have, like, awkward counted one of the powerhouses in this state. They missed the first two games. They're supposed to play Brookwood next week. That game's not happening, So I mean, that's It's all over. You don't know where it's gonna pop up, and it makes it very difficult for scheduling. Um, there is planned for December deflated state championship games at Georgia State Stadium. I don't know what happened to basic extend beyond that time, But right now they're just hoping to get enough games, then to be a good evaluation to earn the postseason spots and get this season there. Last thing for you that I don't have a lot of time. But and I have said this about college that the biggest loser in all of this pandemic with the college football season isn't football. The biggest losers college basketball because it's going to get shoved to the side because it's still for his popularity or lack thereof. It doesn't produce the revenue. Now you're talking about okay? If we're getting into December and things like that, and pushing back later, let's face it in high school. How many? Those kids on the football field also played basketball. I mean, so How do you squeeze high school basketball in around the idea of we've got football and all this, It's gotta take precedent. Priority That to me is also the big loser is depending on how this works out high school basketball may unfortunately kind of Get a little kick to the curb because of it as well. Well and then you get into the grey area with death because you get the quote where you want the high school experience needs something kids, but for their leak top shelf. That's a you and a. You have not stuff. The travel ball teams did not stop due to some, You know, he's a cop still playing baseball had seen coming from all over the country. Play baseball out there all alone, you know, And, um, you know, at a later point basketball a few tournaments All summer long and me, you know? Yes. I made the basketball tournament with Hye Won is your high school in the state championship should mean something. They should mean something. They're very special. And you're right. You don't want to be emphasized that We get great basketball to one of our talents may be the very first player selected in this upcoming draft ant man. So I mean, we we could play a great basketball in the state football is something that people are so passionate about. I wanted to have a degree of normalcy at this time of year, and so we're trying to get a little bit of that. I'm looking at the stands where I'm right now. I'm not going to the people of social distance or whatever I know went to a place last night and Poe's work very close looking. I'm both day on the field in a corner. There's what? I'm gonna watch the game tonight on. That's why I watch the game last night. I'm not going to try to go in the press, but down on which room they have there tonight. We just want to get this season started the great game coming up the future North Gwinnett don't know what I'm going to get started there in a second overtime Now with their dick Ula and I broke with attack 40 No. Follow him on Twitter. Always lots of great information. He is that same Crenshaw 23 hearme on weekends. Here, I'm gonna turn on the game. I think Sam he's filling in for me on Monday night. The same Crenshaw experience I believe is coming up on Monday for a labor day. A cz were also listen to him, then course does a great job of covering high school sports. I mean, he's one of them. Listen, there's no doubt that Sam is one of the true Atlanta sports legends. He may not be chucked out. Will, Sam, I'm not going to maybe put you in that high. I don't want to give you too big of a head, but you're pretty darn close. I mean, I'll put you somewhere between Fred and Gil in the pecking order. So I mean, not listen, Sammy. We love your brother. Stay safe, buddy. Be good. Appreciate all the hard work that you do, and I will talk to you soon. Appreciate it, man. Take care of states like now. You got it. All right. When we get back, it's gonna be time for what's bugging Chuck? We didn't just get one story. I had to take a story from another segment and put it into what's bugging Chuck re because people can't get out of their own way. I told you this has been the easiest segment in the world. It's all next. Chuck. Me show sports writing. That's in the game on the radio that come up..

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