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It's nine oh two I'm Deborah Dale here's our top story vice president Mike pence flew from around table in Scottsdale with Hispanic leaders this morning to green valley this afternoon to talk trade the vice president was once again flanked by senator Martha make Sally Ann governor Doug Ducey as has been the case for most of his two day visit to Arizona to see again push for free trade between the US Mexico and Canada in America's businesses have made it beyond crystal clear that they are beyond ready for United States Congress to ratify the U. S. and CA do see praise hands and president trump for their leadership on what he calls America's most important trade agreement. it's a first for Maricopa county the county's board of supervisors has named its first female county attorney Alistair Adele Katie a ours legal analyst Monica Lindstrom says she'll join the trending list of Arizona appointing women to positions of power dell will join Cathy hopping cake I a go Jerry William senators make Sally and cinema as women in power positions here in Arizona Adele replaces bill Montgomery who was named to the Arizona Supreme Court a dell is currently a member of the Arizona state bar ethics advisory group in the city of Phoenix judicial selection advisory board. stop they big that's the message from the CDC and the Scottsdale doctor who just studied seventeen biopsies of people wound up in the hospital or dead after vaping gave them a long and their way damage it looks like a chemical burn or I caustic chemical injury will also see other changes the body tries to heal that injury and that leaves marks behind surgical pathologist Brandon Larson at Mayo Clinic Arizona also wants more government regulation about Veidt's invade juices and a crackdown on illegally.

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