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Positive for corona virus Florida is ready to host the Republican National Convention if it's moved out of North Carolina governor to satisfy as a number of Florida cities could host the event president trump said he wants the convention moved out of Charlotte if there are restrictions on attendance the National Hockey League has announced the format for resuming hockey season once officials give the go ahead National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman says the regular season is over and twelve teams from each conference will play in two host cities at this time we are not fixing dates because the schedule of our return to play will be determined both by developing circumstances and needs of our players the Tampa Bay Lightning gets a qualifying round by but will play a round robin with the Boston Bruins Washington Capitals and Philadelphia flyers the Panthers faced the New York Islanders the best of five series in the qualifying round the newest Florida Supreme Court justices are Palm Beach county circuit judge Renato Francis and John Corey off Francis in Korea all replace justices Barbara McCullough and Robert Locke were picked by president trump to serve on the eleventh circuit court of appeals with Florida's news I'm John Conrad this is a Bloomberg money minute economic pain from the corona virus could fade quickly starting in mid summer JPMorgan chase CEO Jamie Dimon sees pretty good odds of a fast rebound thanks to government stimulus and the strength of the consumer before the pandemic optimism that we've seen the worst of covert nineteen second I'm like fallout boosted stocks but rising US China tensions trimmed the gains the Dow jumped five hundred thirty the S. and P. five hundred rose thirty six the nasdaq gained sixteen TGI Fridays will close dozens of restaurants as it struggles to recover from the pandemic C. E. O. ray Blanchette says it's all about keeping the company solvent Friday sales are at about half their pre pandemic level the holiday weekend brought a slight uptick in air travel the TSA says over three hundred thousand people passed through its checkpoints on Thursday for the first time since March passenger volumes are still eighty eight percent below last year Larry Kaski Bloomberg radio these days being a small business means navigating.

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