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With you here this afternoon on W r K o r number is 617 to 66 68 68 on Twitter. It's at Vinnie Penn. If we've got some time, I'd love to grab a call right now. Especially when it's someone named Sergeant Rock from New Hampshire. I appreciate you calling in what's on your mind. I just have one short and sweet problem. Um, when you were talking about stimulus checks and such my wife and I both work full time jobs. You have some part time work also, we We believe in the theory. You want to get funny, you work. And last fall when Cove it started where my wife worked. She worked for University of New Hampshire. They offered jobs to those who wanted to work and those who want to because it was the end of the school year didn't have to call. The thing was because They could go on unemployment. And they got the sixth was a week. No more. That my wife was Which is, you know, I don't want to take away some people. But then it left no incentive for them to want to work when my wife makes one, and they were making 401 100 Bonus. They were making more than my wife would On Ben. Plus our apartment jobs Exactly did so we were making less by working then it then if my wife had claimed unemployment, these people who turn down work Should not get any stimulus benefit or anything of that. Such yeah, that that that's a great point. You went to a different place. You went to a different place than I expected you to? Unfortunately, the paperwork that would be, uh, that would necessitate figuring out who's doing that. Who's working the system and who's the The American worker can't the government the federal employees can't be bothered with that? I happen to know quite a few people who did the exact same thing you're talking about there, Sergeant Rock, and it's like I was hearing from B roll like I'm actually making Maura money than I ordinarily do. And it's like, Well yeah, because you're collecting unemployment while working. Its rigging the system. Ha For a lot of people. I hate to say it. It's the American way and fixing that we've got about a good good a chance of fixing that as we do our problem at the border. It's Vinnie Penn again with you this Tuesday afternoon, December 15 ability, RKO. Let's see now. W RKO traffic from the my pillow dot com. Traffic center Left Lane is blocked for some work in Braintree on the lower end of 93 north at the Braintree split, so it's backed up there, and there's a crash down in Plymouth on Route three North bound before clock road, so slow getting by on the expressway South slow through South Bay. And the North bound side is not bad. The pike is OK. For now we have no big delays in.

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