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This is with with of challenges having Say Much business in the rest of your life kind of slightly sometimes those by the way. I'm Carney moving house at a which meant the out house hunting to find a new face. So that's GonNa keep busy but I will say gung latest weekend long weekend going camping to the city. I'll l. say some fun on the horizon which is very cool. Well we are GonNa talk a little bit more about pippen not so I do WanNa come back to that. I would like to focus most of our conversation conversation on your historical career before you were at pippen not in and also your time at pippin up but before we do that as an American I'm always looking for a good peanut butter here in the UK. And I for many years really struggled to find a good one here. But then I spotted pip and nut. I think in a whole foods and I'm really became a fan. What do you think people should look for when they're trying to find the good peanut butter the me about if it's not true or not so we didn't have any palm talk about products and it doesn't mean that we get some oil separation on the PROTAS Bet She always think as a really great thing. It shows the Tasty naturally children additives Zoar any pommel say. That's something that I was out. Four of 'em eat my the less ingredients on the back the packaging the best And use the Best Rosie peanuts almonds that you can get your hands on because it really. When you've got ingredients? They make such a difference. One one of the things I love about your product is it tastes great and that you also don't use palm oil and it's actually really hard to find the peanut butter that doesn't have palm oils so so I think it's great. You're doing what you're doing and I also love the range of your flavors. I think I've tried your maple not one. That was the first one. I tried to very tasty while we're gonNA come back and talk talk about your journey as much per noor in the founder of Pippin up but before you were doing this. You're in a very different line of work. Can you tell me about your time as a producer for the view Science Museum in London and then we'll move forward from there. I studied anthropology Novostei which is not useful for what day right now but when I was leaving Invest Invest Within the crazy sector always been interested by an museums immaterial. Culture which big Paul budgies about and I I when I left. Ti started pursuing a career within the What various different centers across London Man Events? She kind of went to the Science Museum. Josh I watch Assistant Before sauce out the bronze I guess what that role is essentially. Oh helping together. Large data shows the Science Museum Children's Statia J. creches let us technical production without In sound for Jesus says as themselves Natasha's and you'll basically the one to help facilitate and coordinate. The whole Shay says really really interesting jaw. Probably one last. Thought I didn't actually really hate my job. A tool and I thought the career path is done without she. Pretty interesting potentially exciting one so going to something. I am business in move into A away from Public creative sector. was she a big shift but also something that wasn't I wasn't necessarily pushed. It was that a choice wasn't necessarily in my initial thinkings on ice O'Brien out from my in business. Yeah that's really interesting because I think some of the founders that we've got on the show many of them actually say that they never had the intention to start their own business but it was the the idea that pulled them towards starting their own business. How did you move from theater production into creating your own peanut butter is she vividly? Remember the day I handed in my notice Science Museum. I am boss at the time I think looked at me as if I was crazy. Because it's so random at so so different that I think he was like I was Gonna say but I think it takes a long time. I think you know you take quit your job on the fast eighty. Come the idea the idea for me and my brain took me about two years year. Hostile for out. She fully quit my job. I think that was it was partly. Johnson is the fact that I had never worked in the sex before. I really really didn't know I was doing and I knew that I need a little bit. More validation full by itself I I was filming in my brain comes us to create in my kitchen rules that needs to kind of validate whether or not She likes the idea of running my business. Did I enjoy the process sessile creating products and I think that's one of the things that that's what it takes time but I think the key steps in when you all can't kind of stock you're in business in specific Edwin Fathy about the recipes I bull pokes fancy blender and made the In my kitchen I'd make two hundred Taina China tape based products to a market down in south London and I'd like she writes them on on people to see whether or not they like to they like to enough to buy. That was my validation. That was my way said checking whether or not what I was creating with with something that people wanted to and then it was a house. Man Get some direct that feedback. I think there's something so brutal about sending something to someone on the market so people will be instantly. Internee love it or the incident hated. And I think you could Quite quick Ear On something once he got that sense Jack and you've treat to refined and improved on your products. That was when I was I. I think I want to scale this up. And that's a whole new settles challenges you face and he scaled something out. How did you decide on peanut butter like of all the different things that you could invest? Rest your time man. I guess you're pretty busy with your day job. How did you decide you want to devote all of your energies to this particular food product? So I'd always been interested in the food aid sector. I've lived in London for twelve days. Now on a such a hotbed for like amazing food. Trends Nichols a great feed seeing those food trucks PO-POINT GRANDPA around London browse. The shelves opposed as myself as a chopin Great products on the shelves and saving more magic. And and I think I was so interested in a sector. I told nope she gave. You can be both creative and have a product that actually he does people good. I feel that was really exciting. Have landed on not western peanut butter partly because I am a proper peanut butter added. I sue each every not ally if not two or three times a day. We came from a love of of the product I was doing training at the time. Missile marathons for me not muster on taste in my porridge. Whatever was Louis Heist Ron Trait and I just saw. The product is brilliant. It not only tastes unbelievably goodness. So this was a filled with Not really kind of hosted ingredients and it's not often then. He got a health food That she did his own flavor as well as functional benefits like protein in healthy fats. And that's the thing that was sought to at. She made me see the gap in the market. was that name. Every diabetes in St Marcus Contain pommelled mentions That was really. I need peanut butter in the market. And I've recite Allen buses cashier buses in the put themselves take flavor already. Britain may like the Alma buster was one of fast. Boats Develops Mellon's grave combat. I felt like that wasn't really Lebron's taking hold of that and I just read enough the fat the this space in the supermarket which is a bit traditional bit tired. Haven't really seen a brand enter into the space in the process is which is so open for an innovative brand. Come in it was things it's ASTA come to get it in a row thickness definite got paid. And it's definitely a growing trend with protein and fats awesome things about being good for the. I think this could be in business. You also mentioned the two year transition and before we talk about how you turn this into a business. I'd be really curious if you could give us a glimpse into what the transition was like balancing your day job with trying to get this idea and eventual actual business off the ground. What was that like for you? Yeah I mean I always say.

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