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He then walked away the airports to minors the Senate race number full Frank Miller seven nine checking to take the puck for not caring behind the lock will carry a center ice here's Dr one more point for the board to four point he her doctor just delivered a great jacket Jordie Benn views with respect to gloves the face where he Russo who was exposed to the rich section there that would raid against the dasher you just drop these in a lot of pain the best thing that you would hope for is that he's got the wind knocked out of him the thing is only nineteen and hasn't finished growing yeah you know I think that's what happened I just want to win the he gets up well after what happened last night in the game the trainer for the Vancouver Canucks out on the ice quickly the big hit the White Kirby dot we sell is good back on the bed taking a peek over shoulder who hit on he lost his window he was well you could just see you one what's wrong that is not a good feeling would be wise to wait because there's nothing that comes out of your of of of and I know there's a blackout fans around the world all feel for him Antoine Roussel who's been a thorn in the black oxide over the years for the and as much as he has been a thorn in the side out level might take a day because he said he doesn't put on anything really make you want to center ice on the right wing Tanner Pearson brings it down look out for their site off of can't stay on top of the line Crawford was able to recover and get back in front of the net meanwhile the far corner can't pass up the right one for me lander okay where the heart then came along with me winter camp books of the Senate race good you look in one got the part you know what they look like down the one twenty the floor was covered model to the park on the web for down behind the Canucks net it took a quick news did lot of relentless on this truck was able to whack it free but the news in a way your phone to speak but by the time he did we had two lines one on top of him and Tanner person you just had a feeling it was going to end up that way the bill would box and we'll take a break nine sixteen left in the second period here in Vancouver it's the Canucks to large those choruses Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGM.

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