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Grand jury if he win river this is probably a couple of years actually finally just cannot earlier this role in a different kind of her prior run robert i would assume it's different category very dark comedy isn't it that dark yes for yes for the atmosphere you have to adjust your expectations your your your criteria let's put it this way movie opens melody alinsky is a nurse and she's she's not a hospice nurse but she's dealing well radiation and there is a there was no and although the elderly woman who is clear the clinging to life and with her her last breath others utters very racist very things you wouldn't one year tubes dumped here last word on a hear that from anyone for anyone let alone along those circumstances yes and then she passes away and we've cut to the very next though smash cut to the hallway where the her grown sons grown son and daughter are you know they're grieving and they're the how i talked to the doctor and the nurses their molinski and the purchasing says where she had to do last i've asked her driving home and get the sense that she's sheep this is a you know we really should do topfive characters the reminds you to your co host news as a good a topfive less than spend how dare you that's been requested by by listeners did we did know out five it was actors you would cast as your host and is your characters that remind uber cow okay okay yeah that would narrow down a little more this would be my female entry she has a very rotten not ribot a worldweary look at the world he's not a she's not s a class fbi sunnyside up i saw that as a major world for the dark place that it is summed i saw that is making like a genius move a megan blair because these ingratiating heard of the audience immediately but i guess it's not really going she's not going to be doing that for the entire audience but for me have no idea as i understand i like we're just got title worldview you understand the title within the first dyke you know a few moments of the film and she just wants people to be decent brian just is wants be she is in a world where she is at odds ueno that i.

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