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Is off holly roberts is here in his place and here you're crazy stupidity hits well then i guess one could say it's a crazy stupidity it bradley present c as i did stands for curtis jenny it's crazy stupid idiots they are everywhere there to right there to your left if you're lucky abdel staring back at you in the mirror yes and we sometimes find them in the state of florida i would like to just add that it is 230 set your clock because every day a 230 we tell you who you're crazy stupidity its r a lot of people love the segment i just want the no one to hear it oh thank you very welcome here second yes no it's normal everything about saying they can set your watch exactly okay since happened i you know i don't know what to do this happening and i founded on facebook it's from the placer county sheriff's office on their facebook page they tell the story of a three people three people who lost the keys to their car and because they couldn't find the keys to their car they called the sheriff's office the sheriff's office they didn't aaa furs smith on one but yeah and they were like oh my hang up please yeah then they came to their aid and when the first deputy responded he found a large pile of mail belong to others not the he was respond in two and speaking to on this seats and the floorboards of the car in addition to the male their car was parked right next to a pride opened mailbox the suspects of course had lost their keys and could not start their carl bless their hearts for their stupidity 40yearold mervyn lyles jaromir franklin thirty seven and michel cooper whose 37 as well were arrested and charged with felony male pfaff oh my gosh well that's no joke you don't mess the mail bag that easily do not miss a few are enough to have messed with the dell and lost your keys hiss let him go because man they're gone von they're going to find you any ways because.

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