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Year it out here's says procedo by the neck try to flip it added fraud it's the back of the net now into the left corner of the maids show captain philip souls he shoots that's tipped wide to the right corner i fear getting a stick in the way on that fight it's still kept in by the cat amounts the like deaths turnover esposito back header at a safe made by sulaiman phillips shot that's walk through sarkozy clears it out that's going to go all the way down the ice and it's going to be icing so at the end of a fairly lengthy time in their own song the we are not able to make the substitutions due to the icing and so they'll the tired legs out there and hopefully win a faceoff reports quickly has given rates issues earlier the gave deal you'll be cut seven of their while forwards are below are under six feet tall but they are very quick it you'll they're like that's on the pocket so there could be prepared they're doing pretty good job moussac goes to take the face up but he's kicked out in favour of look wa against ross colton their top scorer with eight goals yet tied for third country you'd powerplay goals with five shop the right point comes in and that's why taken by look quad chance to clear the jumper for mandilak bears do all since movie through center sam was usoc rose so since you tracks it down black careers able to get some fresh legs out there is he ties it up in the right corner thinking back by o'donnell colson giarra sensitive wide of the may the right without daddy look out mass a year he throws towards the front of the net it's dipped wide another passerby than at comes out with a point through donald donald working it down low the line that they have not had together before with ballwinning kolzig dara trying to get them going other than colton y'all the other two shruggled shot it on swam any gloves it in all done with a twenty five to go here in the.

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