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Such a weird time some of it so calm and orderly as drumbeat of crisis you know the medical side and the economic side. I mean I think that's the purpose harder to see futures. He's going to be a great depression. Hannah bought out in a way that doesn't wreck the country's of five years. Yeah what to do not to open up. It's all it's really tough questions but I mean I I I think both Massachusetts and Maine are being pretty conservative on it and I really grateful for that my friend and it's a Naples Florida. I mean they're they've just opened up everything and People aren't wearing masks and I just I worry for their safety. Because they're older they're out and they said going to Costco's the only time they wear masks to the grocery stores mass just how it is so. I don't really grateful that were in states. That are taking very seriously. I saw a ranking of Approval ratings for governors and Baker Charlie Baker's the governor of Massachusetts and he was like second or third on the list. People just really think he's doing a good job. He seems very calm and informed and he's following science and he's truly relying on all of the incredible resources that Boston Massachusetts has the medical community and universities. Which is have a feeling of confidence that he's doing a good job scream. Yeah and I think. The main governor's doing a really good job. I don't know how totally how people are feeling about that. Because there's a lot of people that Yeah there are are some people resisting it. I don't know that there's a lot but But I think she's I think she's doing a great job and there's a doctor that means Dr Foul cheap talks every day to Maine public radio. Just very calm presence Intel. How many cases there are and how many are hospitalized. How many recovered and just takes it step by step? And he so calming well the other thing that the place I've seen the result of communication is the place where dad lives. You know it's a retirement community of two hundred fifty people and every day at ten the director of the community and her boss. I think get on the closed circuit. Tv so that everybody can watch and dad watches it every single day religiously and she just says exactly what they're doing you know and the other day that they said now. The people in the sixth floor can leave at to go out for a walk on the patio and they had this kind of measured way of them. Finally being able to get out of their units and and there were two benefits. I think one is. I think I can tell that he's calmer. And the other thing is he says we're a community here. Were were doing the right things whether it's using a Kleenex to press the button on the elevator to dock leaving the unit. We're doing for ourselves. We're doing it for each other. Because we feel like we're a community. And you could really see the power that and obviously. There's a real challenge to do that. Did a state level nevermind a national level. But it's it's one of the saddest things I think is that you know when you get the Hon. Dad's community that sense of community breaks down because people are so divided. It's it's and I think it makes it harder to do the right thing. And Yeah but people are worried about their own health. I mean I see that with people who are trump. Supporters adds a trump supporter and. There's there's no disconnect in what he's seeing on from kind of an ideological point of view and how rigorously he's following the protocols and I see it with other friends of my back friends of mine back in Colorado and trends on the street here You have been neighbor on the end of the street that has huge trump signs and trump thing on her car and all this kind of stuff and her husband has some kind of leukemia and he has some he has his immune system's compromised and they're being very careful they don't go anywhere. They keep their distance. I don't really see them at mass. But they're just very very vigilant and I think the other side's probably truly people who are so Democrats. I I feel like when we can get take out at a restaurant and support some businesses trying to get back and going. I mean absolutely the The individuals care about both things. They care about the economy getting going and they care about being safe absolutely. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I think it's really important to really tip the people well and Yeah to do everything we can to to help them. Because it's it's really get through this together. Well this is wonderful. I could just sit here all morning and talk to you in the Sun with her coffee and tea. This has to do about the kindle or any. Yeah I mean we. We tied into the kindle enough to have just by interview land loves technology. I I don't like technology and we're a perfect match. Because he can do the technology zoom meetings. Go Zoom meetings new kindle my book on tape and you get a free new kindle from a listener of the thank you thank you thank you. That was so great. Yup Chretien al. Send it up here get here to the post office and Lissette for few days to make sure it was safe and Bob Drunk. Get time to read some comments to catch up with John. Wrote on May Fourteenth Today. I preordered the new fire. Hd eight plus. That's the new tablet. We talked about last week. He says I purchased the sixty four gigabyte model because of the storage space because that version comes with three gigabytes of Ram and therefore I expected to be even more responsive when I preordered the device I also preordered. Samsung sixty four GIGABYTES MICRO SD card. I was described a surprise to discover that there were no cases currently available on Amazon Dot Com. That would fit this new fire device. I have purchased several kindle fire devices over the years and there were at least a few cases available prior to their initial release. My expectation was that there had been some sort of coordination between Amazon and traditional case vendors. Apparently for the first time there will be no cases or other accessories until the day of released based on the Amazon response. He's got one that he received from Amazon and as very different and disappointing Well I agree. It's different and disappointing and I assume it has to do with the corona virus that does the resources get shifted toward the all of the retooling and everything that's going on for the coronavirus. We can't get tech support at six thirty the night on Friday and when a new tablets release. You don't have the accessories available that you normally would so I think we're seeing symptoms of that and interesting. Thanks thanks to John for pointing that out. Peter wrote from Victoria British Columbia land in a recent interview perhaps ag riddle there was an exchange about using the sun's UV rays rather than a device to sanitize parcels. That reminded me of the phone soap devices. The phone sized ones have been around for a while. The larger ones are coming out this summer. Of course I have no idea how effective they are but he has Lincoln. You'll see that in the show notes. It's at phones. Soap Dot com best wishes and as always many many. Thanks for your podcast Peter and Victoria. Thanks Peter I've seen those I think. Darlene ordered one and. I'm not sure we've tried it yet to put the iphone in it and have some protection because I guess the you've really does have an effect on the virus so we're worth checking out. Shimon shot wrote on May Tenth Highland the latest. Ckc podcast was really interesting for me as I also teach students online. I can confirm all the points that Josh made such as the one about looking directly into the camera as opposed to the person on the screen. He's referring to my interview with Josh Book Who's at the Harvard Graduate School of Education? Working on kind of emergency digital learning at Harvard In the pandemic so he talked a lot about zoom in and the rest of it. Shimon continues. The last part of the conversation made me wonder about a thing. I read in a recent essay by Yahtzee do cash. He's a Polish science. Fiction author often called the spiritual successor to stanislaw lamb recently. He's been.

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