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Radio one thousand Katie okay and Leigh Matthews Obama's first news yeah he was he was arch conservative long before it was cool and it's been a while since we've had him on David Horowitz author of several books and articles online his latest is dark agenda the war to destroy Christian America and it's still available everywhere he's also coined the term trump derangement pandemic David Horowitz so good to have you along today on news radio one thousand Katie okay and I gather you are AT symptomatic her so if it's working why it isn't scary and scary so you have a new term you're calling it trump derangement pandemic can you explain yeah there are two horns one of the guns I live in the bank which is visible war only over one of the Democrats have waged again what America's commander in chief which is one the leader of the floor any truth you know it's one thing you can criticize the president of course another thing to think about it their hatred for all intents ludicrous mmhm the old told them would you really you know what to make of the we have story we know what you're gonna go with the quote Larry David do you currently do for given the results a liberal screen you know how funny a member of one of four ingredients never made me laugh one what will remain one hundred church members how may I be all yes this is not funny Larry David understand human character so you only use zero I'm using yeah he was quite a New York times I still can't believe you have the not all of your cable broadcasters in human history he gave the example of our probably L. want to redeeming qualities hello well you know what telephone man should learn Sharon the mantle he had no I your home page I mean how could the company's intelligence Larry David even with the law well trump young lady don't read mother she's sixty three years old for the last twenty one years of twenty one years in jail about twenty one years well that was alive without the possibility of parole non violent drug yeah murderer told seven years jail well I won't we use the computers for a partner all well after the run in jail she may do you know how you feel for him such an injustice very good good girls who made a mistake welcome quality good for you from the face that nobody could really deny it Bernie he's the only Republican that I know who would have supported the first step back what what was it gave thousands of mainly black prisoners you know in the control room something that the volume margin thing to do you know the all of them to their public offices to make themselves which the lord do you have the ability to go over and then we will have to worry about seventeen billion dollars authorities Hillary told her secretary of state John Oliver you know give me all of five hundred thousand dollars speaking engagement hello to get the secretary of state to do what you wanna just Barbary Obama what were your community organizer of hours worth whatever forty or fifty million dollars well the only American history we can hold our four hundred thousand dollars per year back to the people you're the first quarter's bit argued thousand dollars when you get a cold virus the corona virus I don't care who you are the name of the father used to say that your quality you would hang on a second David Horowitz I want to talk to you more and then feature the extended version of our conversation on my podcast page later with the Lee Matthews which you can find at the I heart radio app download it for free or Katie okay dot com probably not the last good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the Katie okay new center this is Oklahoma's first news a warm April day ahead our forecast is coming up it's on everyone's mind will there be another way that Kobe nineteen later this year infectious disease specialist Dr David chance home at integris health is probably more than one my suspicion is with cobra will probably see several waves of dollars but hopefully as herd immunity comes up by more and more people having the disease and ideally of vaccination later on that we can use to boost herd immunity we'll start to see if those ways eventually flatten out he says house of beer each weight will be depends on the characteristics of the virus society and its victims president trump convened a discussion of business executives to look at the nation's economic restarted how it will happen colonel Scott reports the president says he's confident Copa ninety will eventually be a thing of the past I don't want people to get used to this because this virus is going to be done and what is going on you want to get back to normal the president in the business leaders assembled say how companies come back is what will drive any recovery and when it comes to a speedy rebound White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow sees a growing recovering economy by summer time I can't do the year extended to twenty twenty one with some states re opening now those benchmarks may be met the Oklahoma employment security commission says it's identified more than thirty eight hundred fraudulent Coba nineteen claims for jobless benefits since mid March and it's reviewing hundreds of.

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