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Sport from around the world Here's Dan schwarzman Thanks Brian Barcelona manager shavi Hernandez says that the club can not financially make a move for brush and Dortmund sir Ellen horland despite significant interest with the Norway international possibly agreeing to a deal with Manchester City as early as this week The 21 year old is reported to have a €75 million transfer fee will also receive a massive salary Marsa has been under financial restrictions imposed by La Liga as spending had far outweighed income which violates league rules The reo sport in Spain says that Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski was not happy the club's latest contract proposal and is now more determined to leave the Bundesliga giants to join Barcelona Byron is reported to be offering a one year extension to Lewandowski's current deal that would extend the Poland international state until 2024 11 downscaling is seeking three total years from now The NBA playoffs continue with two semifinal matches as the Celtics are on the road the Milwaukee Bucks in game four in the east and the bucks leading the series two games to one while in the west to Golden State Warriors host the mantis grizzlies with the warriors leading two games to one Sources report that Denver Nuggets big man Nikola Jokić has been voted the NBA's most valuable player for a second year in a row with an announcement scheduled for later this week On the year the 27 year old averaged over 27 points and close to 14 rebounds and Avis per game Jokic was the first player to score over 2000 points pulled out over a thousand rebounds while dishing out more than 500 assists in a season in NBA history I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports op aid Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app And at Bloomberg quick tape This is a Bloomberg business launch So we know the central banks are tightening and response to sizzling inflation that is particularly true here in the U.S. or especially true given the fact that the fed is now working to tackle inflation by raising rates The concern here is whether or not the fed's aggression has the capability or the possibility of throwing the economy into recession That was one of the big risks I think in the last session for U.S. equities as we fell to a 13 month low the S&P down today by 3.2% a decline led by energy real estate and consumer discretionary shares The NASDAQ composite tumble by more than 4% the Dow was off 2% in the U.S. session yields meantime across the US Treasury curve declined some of this may have been tied to a bit of a flight to safety particularly at the shorter end with a yield on the two year down 13 basis points to 2.59% Right now in the Tokyo Sessions two year is at two 57 and we have a ten year treasury now in Tokyo losing four basis points after dropping 9 basis points in New York trading the ten year now at 2.99% The dollar remains strong against the majors We had the Bloomberg dollar spot index picking up four tenths of 1% in New York We are building on those gains now in Asia and continued weakness in the offshore Chinese yuan now at 6 76 ten against the greenback Hong Kong markets will reopen after a holiday at the bottom of the coming hour Widely traded Hong Kong ETF was down 1.9% in U.S. trading More on markets in 15 minutes Head Baxter next with a look at global headlines Eddie All right thank you very much Douglas a Russian president Putin like in Ukraine campaign to defending the motherland against the Nazis in World War II He tells soldiers you are fighting DOM boss for the people of Donbass for the security of our.

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