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Right. Not no i did. Did you think does this business. Herbert baker rosa in any way. I just thought it made him look like shit but other than that. At least they were on the card. But even that is is still like saying fuck Yatta you've you gotta also ran trophy for fucking track and field. You got like fucking participation for being stupid fucking match right. I just. I don't know but i guess go into the main show because with the by the by and used to be three great matches and now it's like a shitty tag team match. Thanks for taking wbz props on that one Then we opened the night with I couldn't believe when we opened the net with the young bugs versus the inner circle chris jericho. Mgm facing the young books and the young bucks actually retained. Both of was actually said. The inner circle would win this one Bright that not the case I i hate this match. No good i like it either. No i was. I was so mixing with this one. I just i. I don't know like the baseball bat. Involvement broken wardlow getting in the mix of it also getting sick of the young books doing the same thing over and over again. I really didn't care about this either. I i am not heating the heat on. I'm just being off the cuff. Like i just didn't care about this match either. They gave the worst hot tag in the history of fucking wrestling. I remember that right. He fucking matt walking through the ring. I your grandmother just got a injected with Steroid shots her back. She's just trying to get used to going to sell that back for like twenty five years. I mean that's that's go-to fucking Excuse to say he's actually putting effort in my back. It's like okay again like we're gonna do this and of course guess who gets who gets. Who took the pin jericho wasn't a day. F jay street keep going. He hasn't gotten within which okay with. That actually makes me happy. 'cause he's only got jay. He's only got pin once. And you know what. If if that's if that purpose was to protect j f that i'm okay with that result of like i said i thought it was gonna win but now they announced they're going to have another meeting. How many me's is fucking stable. Have every single week a fucking meeting or a war council which my i think your predictions gonna come tomorrow I don't know if you saw bite of a certain eddie. Kingston turned face last night. And they're having a work has like said ten or teaser. Joining eddie kingston trio makes sense makes sense. And then they'll bring in homes of zelina vega they'll bring out the trinidad and that would be an and you don't want out even throw those two other fucking girls evil lease and fuck unum upset ten ortiz old partners. Lax an impact on. What's her name fucking Diamante diamante our fucking shit and they're making a whole lax group. You let them all the all. The latinos get together..

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