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We are scheduled to talk to congressman Dan Crenshaw in a minute and when we do we will break in to the show and have a conversation with him he happens to be my congressman in as the district I live in congressional district two is it wrong is that right two twenty two I think it's too it doesn't matter the number doesn't matter nobody knows that stuff anyway about what we've been talking about this evening the trump administration's proposals with regard to with regard to who can own a gun when they can own a gun what sort of procedures would be in place to affect that a number of Americans are very passionate about that I have my own concerns any time we start empowering the government as we've talked about the last hour to do things like determine who does and doesn't have a mental illness it's not a simple fact but congressman Crenshaw and I were chatting and he said if you want thing is good idea be glad to talk about it on there I think these things deserve to be talked about and so if you want to hear his comments a number of you do then hang around and and we'll talk to before we do that it was an interesting story today seventy four years ago today the United States put in motion what will ultimately bring a very quick end to World War two saving millions of American lives and probably frankly all in all saving some Japanese lives by avoiding a long and brutal ground invasion in Japan here was what Harry Truman had to say after we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima a short time ago.

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