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I we'll see what it i was saying this nestles guess what on wednesday said i think uh before thanksgiving something's no up with mold and we got the news two days later uh she's the pacers too much right now with malcolm this has been saying that that the pace of this is so much faster than he than anticipated honor every twelve hours a knell dealing with a piece of the story of peace we haven't seen in she speculated the pace of stories critical of hillary clinton rep rep represents our recognition by the white house the muller's getting close which is yeah like clockwork these ridiculous story i love him so much money give them a lapping who muller oh oh helen muller time off saucy lumingues i know speaking about the statue we need a muller statue semi yes he always looks so and read it into law that it can never ever be taken down never he saved america they said this is so close to the oval office now if not in the oval office than all of this dossier news is just background noise to what muller is going to deliver this is more than an obstruction charge there is something big underlying the abs for our firm wall what would that jury one oh sorry here when those guys came in and he bugged the oval office no one can come in but russians that that wasn't suspicious at all now that was but i want to know i can't wait for carmakers rose to know the pushes off what would they say bright how dumb it but they're taking pictures the russians get their bowed to everybody good god that bush god better yet although in russian president you're all kind of scott i bet you bob mowers league in which i this is too easy to take the money i need to get paid for it does seem like it was relatively easy but yeah it doesn't seem like there was any link wow that could be this could be that i.

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