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That's get back to my interview with Romney Malik who plays Freddie, Mercury in the new Queen bio pic bohemian rhapsody now also stars in the TV series mister robot. Freddie, Mercury was born in Zanzibar and grew up there. And in India before his family immigrated to England Rummy Malik is American the son of gyp shin immigrants when we left off. He was talking about trying to understand and convey who Freddie Mercury was I had to mystify him somehow and the way to do that was looking at his background. I thought to myself. Here's a young man immigrated to a country defied all obstacles to do what he loved, and that was one thing that that I could understand not to compare myself to him in any way, shape or form. But I am a first generation American my family came from Egypt and saw a better life for their children in the US. And you know, obviously, like so many people they would have loved for us to be doctors and lawyers. My sister is a doctor. So she fulfilled that aspect, but it was very difficult to convince anyone that I wanted to do this. And that I could do this. Did you feel like you were going to be letting them down if you failed that that they came here in annot already born when they came here, but still they probably knew they'd be having children are more children and often with immigrants the idea is it's for the children. So if you failed as an actor would you have been letting let? Them down. Did you did you feel guilty for even trying for an acting career? It's good question. Yeah. I did feel guilty and the only way to compensate for that was just to to give it my all. There was one moment. I was in my apartment that we were living in four of us in a two bedroom apartment, and I was I would wake up early. I was sleeping in in the living room at that point. And I had a stack of Manila envelopes and every morning would get up and put my head shot and resume in the Manila envelopes. And remember, my father one day standing next to my mom, saying we have very Tanegashima, son. And I don't think that he knows that I heard him. But I heard that and it gave me that extra boost I needed to just keep going, and I. I would take those Manila envelopes at his delivering pizza would put them glue them or tape them to every pizza box. I would send out I would keep them behind the register of the fast food restaurant. I would be working at and if anyone even produce Oriel came in they were getting a head shot and resume in there to go back. Did you did you deliver pizzas to like famous producers directors? I did get an audition out of it once and I did. Yeah. I did was for commercial and of still kept in touch with them person gaming the audition. Did you get the commercial? I did not. What was it? For an EMS. Well, I will tell you one day. I did get a call. I got a call from Maura Casey who was a casting director for the Gilmore girls. And she asked to speak with the Romney Malik agent. And I said speaking, and she said, well, can I talk to about Romney Malik coming in and for a role on the Gilmore girls? And I said, yeah. And she's in who am I speaking with? I said this is he and she said, you don't you don't have an agent do. No. But we can work on that. And she started laughing and she said well. Well, are you are you sag or are you part of the Screen Actors Guild a nice as of yet? No. But that's something else. We can we can work on as well. And she kept laughing. And she's like, listen, you're cute calming when you get a representation, and I said, I said, listen, we're we're doing all right? We're having a good time. I see that the scene has only three lines and how about giving a guy break, and if you're laughing now chances are might have you laughing in the room, and she took a few seconds. And she said, you know, what can come on? I couldn't believe it. I could not believe it. And I went in on that day and later on that night..

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