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W. T. V N. Last second preparations as Michaela puts on her earphones. Are you ready now, Partner? Okay, I'm ready. You know, that's not usually mean, but we're just sitting here talking about the weekend. I was like, Oh, that's intro. Music. Better get my headphones on because we were both saying So. What did you do this weekend? What are you going to do? And Michaela went through, like a list of everything I'm like, Okay. Maybe you should tell me what you didn't do or what you haven't done yet. This holiday weekend relaxed? No, I'm teasing. No. We've been on the go, but you've been on the go to and and the rest of you guys have as well. You've been on the water, right? So fun to get on the water, and I'm just we talked a little bit about Buckeye Lake in the first show. I'm just glad that Buckeye Lake is back that it is developed again, and there's a little cove in there and they drove us through it on the boat that we were on. And it looks just like Nantucket, and it's supposed to look like Nantucket. They built these homes to look like it. It is unbelievably beautiful. Wow. I mean, when I moved here, that was when we had the lake level problems out there. We reported on that. And the picture. You showed me of this particular house and like, I mean, this sounds gorgeous between that and this cove. Yeah, we need to make our way out there. We hate when things die out in central Ohio or across the street because We want everything to thrive. We want people to be happy and go to places explore the state and when things are in jeopardy, it's scary. And that's why I'm so glad that Buckeye Lake is back. And then we I made a little video and I shared on social media. And it was just great. So yeah, and then we'll go to a pool party tomorrow, so always around people and always around. Just fun, Fun, fun and fun. So, you know, Labor Day we, like, read the benefits of labor Day. But I was going to ask this as we started the show. What is? What is Labor Day? Mean to you? What does it mean to us? I mean, how much do you know about the history of Labor Day? All I know was that it was started by President Grover Cleveland. Oh, 18 94, You know a lot and I know why it was really a way to celebrate the workforce again and to get people To have better wages and better working conditions. And that's originally how it all started. Now I look at Labor Day and now, they said, it's gone from that to sales and a day off from work. I know so so I'm like should I Should I be pausing for my labors to enjoy all of this to enjoy the end of summer? Because, unofficially, it's that now, too. It's kind of one of those holidays from like we have it, and it's good. But I don't know if we really like are you know celebrating its original intent, if you will, But, hey, I'll take it because I think Time often time with family time with friends. I know you agree is a really important thing to have. You know, I saw an interesting article where they compared Labor Day to the national, Are they? What is your likeness and image? Your name, likeness and image that was just changed. They said. That's part of Labor Day because for years athletes have fought to get compensated for their name, likeness and image for their labor, and now they finally won that battle. So athletes are getting compensated for their labor, so to speak. They are so we can celebrate that this year then because I mean, didn't I just see the deals have started to happen? Mostly in cars. These these mostly football players at Ohio State are getting these unbelievable big truck. In cars. And so in. Are they advertising for car manufacturers for the dealership? It's up to the dealership. They want their Buckeye to drive around in their car, and it's good PR for them. So the players happy. The only thing I wonder is one of the the new recruit Buckeye quarterbacks. Yours. What's his first name? He's the one that just just came here. I mean, he left high school early to come here, and he's supposed to be supposedly the best quarterback to have ever played the game once he finishes his time at Ohio State. Wow. Supposed to be that big? Um he hasn't played it down. In the horseshoe. For the Scarlet and gray yet he had, like a million dollar con. That's what I thought I saw, like 1.2 or something. Yeah, I was thinking that name What I'm thinking of there. Don't you think that adds a little animosity between players? Here's these seniors or juniors who have sweated it out on the field won these games for Ohio State, But yet they get nothing so far? Yes, I would think that it would be odd. But then again, I feel like I don't quite Because I never played a collegiate sport or professionally. I feel like I might not understand the emotion behind it. You know, I think it's weird in the NFL when a senior quarterback or D franchise quarterback is kind of sun setting his career and then coaches the new one up a little bit. I would think there would be animosity there. But you you hear interviews at least and you say, Oh, well, He really is mentoring this other guy, so I don't know. I don't know how feelings work like that within sport. You would know better than I will. You have to admit it. There's you can't tell me every single Buckeye football player is going to get a million dollar deal. Well, no, it's not going to happen to everybody. It's going to happen to the ones who are the biggest stars who are making the biggest name because that's if you own a company. You want this guy to represent you. My question is What about the girl athletes? I haven't seen anything. I haven't seen any Buckeye softball players get a deal like that I was going to add. I was that was my next question for you. I mean, has cami or any of her teammates or is she familiar with things happening for girls? I don't know if anything is really happened for girls, but honestly, if you own a business You would be so smart to jump on kmi quarter cracks because of her social media following she gets 4.3 million likes on Tiktok. She has thousands and thousands of followers. She'll put your business on and celebrate you and your business. That's who you want to attach your name to Mom. I think you just advertised it if you didn't just sell it, Don't you think we were just the guys getting the deal? I agree. Girls should get the deals and let her hit her first home run and then come on, guys. I want to know more about want to know more about these female athletes because, yes, my daughter. You're pimping are a little bit. But you're asking a really good question, too. Yeah, because seriously, it shouldn't just be going to the guy athletes. Yes, Everyone's going to say. Come on, Mindy, You can't compare Ohio State football to Ohio State. Softball? Yeah. Right, And I know that and what brings in the money Ohio State football in Ohio State basketball, But we're talking about name, image and likeness. Name image like this Labor Day, baby for the athletes. No great question. We need to follow up on that in a couple months. If you guys have an opinion. Yes, Call us or if you want to sponsor my daughter or my son, he's gonna go 99 B after all, until he just threw 90 MPH. We'll have like their first practice he hit like 10 out of the park. Holy kid. Guys on the team are like, Why are you here? Oh, it's going to be a fun four years for baseball and softball in central Ohio. This moment, and for this mama, it's going to be a real real real funny few years. Name, image and likeness..

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