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You laugh he's got an infectious laugh indeed nine forty three sports for your kids after a quick check of traffic in some business here including the weather speakers and the weather's nice today mostly sunny fifty FOR a high although winds from the west northwest at about fifteen to twenty miles per hour gusting to thirty could give us a wind chill as we move through the day mostly clear tonight low down to thirty nine then mostly sunny tomorrow just a chance for a few scattered showers and a high near sixty three right now we have a forty at all here with sunshine forty at midway thirty nine at the lake front the wind chill is twenty eight watch for a bunch of us suburban accidents out there all the sudden Clarendon hills on fifty fifth near eighty three also in Bartlett west pine lake and route fifty nine and county farm and shake in the Hanover park area Monroe street bridge is closed today until three for maintenance and testing a merry band fell from the IDA traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death his favorite favorite to post wrong why WGN America's my favorite favorite shows favorite blockbuster movies my favorite original series WGN America we play favorites kids watching WGN America he is a great deal with the best music whether or not almost sixty years a Chicago institution mobster Robert lives here WGN's great grocery giveaway it's your chance to win a two hundred dollar gift card for forty eight hundred dollar grand prize groceries for a year WGN radio dot com sponsored by does fresh market as we work to get through these times together you may not be thinking about blood donation but blood is needed every day to help save the lives of cancer patients accident victims and.

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