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Saxophonist of all time in my home the great may see Parker celebrate a birthday today born on this day in nineteen forty three well so ninety three point one K. B. K. fifteen thirty only AM band in the US on the mighty free the I heart device Kendall argues here when we talk and movies I'm sure he's got a couple things about the Oscars that was a couple nights ago we'll take some more will take a couple more these little dedications here to the bottom and then we'll talk to can dog about movies let's go to Iraqi in Washington hello rock you know normally I love that and there are no but does not going back to the nostalgia think you know I can clear room because eight I like the carpenters and all right all play like like yesterday and superstore couple of my favorites there too yeah yeah yes just going on in there and you know you kind of got to go in there on say Howdy in on us you're all underground as a rock you have a guitar in your hand yet you know any little love songs you wanna play force real quick anything special for Valentine's day how about hello what the almost daily a love song but okay ladies John rocking Washington.

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