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The best of them it did last year against minnesota it did two years ago against the carolina panthers giants stadium there's no extensive bought the giants who have been a subpar offensive team for a year and now a game into this 2017 season they need all the help they can get that's why you will hope in brindamour show would provide much more of a spark and you've had hoped come week to the game plan the creativity getting beccome and of these guys involved trying to find some time for eli manning that throw in dare i say manning hitting a couple of his receivers your hope that the end result is much better than what you saw last week because if it's more of the same deal off the expectations that i have for the giants going to go right down the drain yeah well i surely uh lovey lyon who's been there for a while and certainly go some great things for britain starting to look like regard goes to want to end up in a wheelchair whom he crossed that bore the first sign of trouble whose dumping ground whatever mm hmm not home in there and all the make grow he anymore so i don't know what we're gonna do with that i learned how to improve or you're right go all the groom's of our two thousand seventeen artery grounded and that's the team the defense gives every reason to believe that that gis could be a team that could go oh deep into the month of january but if it's going to be a carbon copy the elephants we saw last year you're not beating the team like the green bay packers you're not you're not be the team like the seattle seahawks happy the dallas cowboys twenty on offense where's the creativity we know the jazz offense will had a very good call last hour brought up a great suggestion how about implementing more of the hurry up offense how 'bout getting shane for rain more involved in a game plan before the final four minutes of the game when it's garbage time how 'bout thinking about that it goes beyond our offensive line is bad it goes beyond our eli manning was back the coaching staff and then that can do take gotta take a for what we saw.

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