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A book called Miracle That. I just thought it was beautiful. And how it's affected, New York, but also lost characters lose their father and their Afro Latin next character, so even that talking about blackness within the light American community at that we didn't sign, which was pretty rare handful. You should see this page of notes. That grace has that. She is like ran down on the books that she's going to buy after the. I send it to do this a lot. Usually we would. We women's is back in I or somebody at the table I'll have my Amazon directly up, but right now I have our list and zoom, so I can't put up to. So, it's pen and paper. I! Hear you and if you're in New, York I highly recommend word of bookstore. They've been doing some amazing campaigning in Law Independent Co op bookstore, so community owns up in Washington, only supercooled. Really I've been shopping a ton of the bar I. Love the Bar. I love the phone line. It wasn't on my radar and I'm so excited to go there in person wants, things are open and safe again. It sounds like notable. Ano- all Santos I think is. Really great I think through like. How do I engage the community in in this store? Like this like that store is a it is a community gem. People Rally around that store in a way that you see me like smiling like getting. I mean it was crowd source funded by people realize the Bronx deserves bookstore, and so just at the level of.

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