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They won watching a neutral. Lacks free your I mean you just. He's gonna sometimes in the show find a way to do the like we haven't had a parade and Tori, too. And if they win it means the Celtics or the only thing keeping them away from the Boston slam they would've had they'll have champion Jay in every sport in the same year when that would saw Connecticut. Everyone just everyone like I grew up in the part of the southern half of you in New York, and it was great because they stunk the Celtics were good for a period of time in the eighties. But the Red Sox, they were perennial Bill Buckner having that Bo through a seminal moment of my childhood, and they stunk it everything. And now they're good. It's not it's not great draft to go up there this weekend to a bunch of my friends will be maybe can make the parade. Now, speaking of people who are good ralphie on the doll won the French Open Raphael. The dial Dominic team is that it's. Austrian. He beat him the last two sets one in one. So drove him one in one in the last two cents. And this sets up joke vich was upset by team Joe Kebich now does not hold all four majors concurrently and we can rid ourselves of him. I don't like him. But I wanna talk about in the duck the Dow now is twelve French Opens, nobody in history and the history of tennis. Nobody has as many as twelve of the same major he went around every beat Federer who drums. He kills federal now fourteen cetera on clay and six in Paris against veteran. He owns better in that. He said, federal is the greatest tennis player ever. That's easy to say. When you just beat the guy, you know, six in row, but Federer has twenty majors the doll has eighteen. It's got twelve in one place Leon has got twelve in one play. But if you take away that surface, what is he will these great, great is an all time great. Yep. Of course he's an all time great..

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