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Jones with somebody. well we've got just a couple accidents out there but there is one disabled vehicle in the roadway tat freedom drive in Bradford drive the thirties are still on the scene of a racket McCullough drive in west of UT here is full of art and then finally we're still seeing authorities on the scene it ID five south at exit forty five years Boulevard but again that moved that accident has been moved to the shoulder so not causing too many delays Phil Jones W. B. T. Jaffe now with a check of the news here's mark Thomas. thanks bill minutes after Hezbollah anti tank missile exploded on an Israeli army base an Israeli military helicopter touched down and medics loaded a soldier on a stretcher and by the time it landed at a high file helipad minutes later TV cameramen were on the scene to film the paramedics transferring the soldier to a waiting ambulance but this morning Israeli media reported that it was a deception operation the military had waged the Israeli army said its claim its aim is to convince Hezbollah that it had scored a direct hit on a military vehicle in inflicted Israeli casualties and therefore to get them to cease fire there will be no repeat champs of the U. S. open this year fox's Metropolitano has more on that hours after the reigning men's champ fell down goes the women's champ at the U. S. open. courtesy of ESPN I only a soccer ball in straight sets in the round of sixteen to thirteen see blood a bench getting the win seven five six four to advance to the quarterfinals of the grand slam event ventured earning her fourth straight win against a world number one ranked player and our third straight against.

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