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It's been a lot of fun, but yeah, that's a that's a little bit of my background right there. All right. Well, I appreciate that. So, so that leads me to the next part here since you just joined the beat for the Broncos this last year. Give me your perception. On what Has been holding this team back. What are some of the reasons why they've been struggling over the past several years as a guy kind of coming in with some fresh eyes? Well, I think it's obvious Yep. Start with the quarterback situation. You look it. Um, You know the guys they've had back there since, you know, painting any retired. Really? Um, and it's just been kind of a struggle. And, you know, obviously, they've been through. You know, several guys with Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler. And, um you know all those guys and you look at Drew walk obviously. Miss past season and his ups and downs, you know, and I know he showed some promise there at the end, but I think that's kind of where you have to start, But I think you also look at some of the different areas. I think that even go to the head coach. I think Vic Fangio has come in and done a decent job. But, um, you know, to losing seasons, they missed the playoffs both times. But he's been there. So this is a big, you know, third year that he's going into. Obviously they missed with Vance. Joseph. Um, you know, I think those have been a key issues its head coach and quarterback, But you can also even go down the line and I know you know we might get into this, but My nobody wants to talk about what they're gonna do it to lock. And if they're going to trade for a guy who drafted guy, but I mean, they have a lot of holes in other places. I mean, I think Justin Simmons has to be a priority. I think he is. You look at the cornerback situation. I think those are some big holes right there that they have to go get some words up there. Maybe through the draft, maybe through free agency. You know, you look at right tackle. I think that's an issue that they need to address this offseason. They never Juwan James is coming back next year. That's another position that I think they really need to look strongly added improving on the offensive line, you know, and then again, quarterback is another one that you have to point out and s. So I think there's a lot of different things that they need to get better. I didn't visit to Sean walked in, type player come in and fix all that. I don't know what kind of, you know maybe depends on what you have to give up. So, um, you know, I think that from my outsider's perspective, I guess is It's kind of where it started is, you know? Do you go on? Get that top level quarterback this offseason or do you wanna fix some of those other holes and maybe wait, I'll get him in 2022, maybe here to lock another shots to be the guy next year. Well, George welcome to lately to the to the Broncos beat and my uncle or a great uncle. I guess it was. Charles Albright was 40 year columnist for the Arkansas Democrat. Is that so? I know well, that paper's history and heritage um What has been the most interesting moment for you on the Broncos beat thus far. We'll have to be then playing without any quarterbacks..

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