Disney, Warner, CNN discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist


Absolutely however what's really interesting is rather than given his children all of which compete for his attention and to add to work and his businesses while than handing them this massive business he's basically sold onto disney so from a family dynamics point of view i think nuts fascinating that he doesn't trust is children to run the business so genitally i agree with you entirely it is very fascinating stuff for talking more about the business dimension of you mentioned the at t deal to buy time warner time warner being the owner of cnn amongst other media outlets and judd up doesn't lie which trump is certainly does not like a he has tried to raise a red flag to that because of cnn and all it's fake news i'm doing inverted commas here but i just wonder if this deal being waved through makes it harder to stand in the way a of these at t c add time warner deal while i mean you have to remember that it at president trump doesn't play by the usual wolf all say to be fair they will have done a lot of ju diligence they would have gone through the wool books and said do we think this deal is likely to go through and even if there are some regulatory concerns normally they sell small bits of businesses to get it through if you look at the share price reaction of fox it would suggest the markets think this deal will go through there's a really interesting point on on a bloomberg why this morning so in a why has he sold you may spend his lifetime building this empire up and now he's dismantling it and apparently what triggered him was facebook bidding for the indian cricket writes he suddenly sees the emergence of these big tech giants with very large pockets encroaching into the entertainment world and he's east it looks like he has decided i don't have big enough.

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