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Cool me amy has a seven year old son and now he has a girlfriend gladys her name's go ahead see sixty i don't know the thing i don't know for sure that that's her real name if that's what he calls her is broken english is that a school where none of the other kids speak english they all speak different languages don't even ask me how these teachers thrive but he comes home every day and talks about gladys my one i can oh okay my girlfriend oh she loves you gladys yeah they love each other i think he's an accuser kissing okay does she like that yes love me i kiss him the days i love i and they hold hands are you sure she's real donna oh wow home she hold your hand the p two so what do you do from here well i mean i think i'm going to have to talk about gladys for one yes see she's real i would think all that's true your son's very affectionate but just the name gladys gladys knight even watching documentaries on i don't know but he's not are all the time in your hair he didn't talk about her hair last night whenever i i asked him if i could record this obviously and you have to get clearance from players the seven year old but some nice he talks about her hair and he's talks about like petting her hair he loves gladys's hair like are you talking about such as american girl oh because i wouldn't be above that now that's how the future is going to be awesome wait vital away american girl doll is still tucked neatly and her little bed that you got her she hasn't taken out of the bed yet now she comes out at night she's sucked into the bed right next to her bed ready to go so your daughter and gladys are going to bed i guess to clarify you find out i'm gladys israel i'll say how would you feel like she israel though that's great i mean i had boyfriends when i was like eight wasn't at eight a big deal it's like saying this is my girlfriend really kiss he's like and he'll go like this hand birds and the bees time for the dog donald dating apps can be a great way to meet but if you're tired of judging or being judged just by a photo.

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