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Remember what we're doing? Here goes out beyond the campus of Notre Dame in every conflict since the civil war Notre Dame graduates have fought for their country. We've trained officers to serve in the army navy air force and marines in both world wars Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf Iraq and Afghanistan this year, we've launched a new initiative, the office of military and veterans affairs to prepare veterans for college and help them graduate. It's who we are God country Notre Dame. How's that Gatorade? That's not Gary. It's something else. It looks like it tastes like it to what is it. Then new Gatorade zero all the electrolytes zero sugar zero sugar. That is something else. Pick up a new orange. Gatorade zero today. Oh, we got ourselves a cave here late in the fourth quarter at Notre Dame stadium. Three thirty nine. Lots Notre Dame leading Vanderbilt's twenty two to seventeen. Going nuts right now the famed Michigan video being played in the fourth quarter. Now, some might even call it a tradition big moment in the fourth quarter. You're going to hear this get up with an amazing video put together by Mike von and fighting Irish media gets the crowd on their feet after. We talked a lot prior to the game. Brought a kick off right about the senior quarterback cow Shurmur. Vanderbilt son of the giants head coach, Pat, Shurmur birdie first career started showing the kind of poise. Production. You would expect from someone who forty games of the SEC. Starting to get hot late first-half is at a strong second half. Steve is down by five three forty nine left in the fourth quarter. This place is absolutely rocket right now. Literally, people jumping up and down. Everybody making. Just ask for his football from the sideline. Results. Gave right up the middle. Stucco swirls moment gets across the twenty-five rate. Shock even his ballots to pick up body or before to bring up second down. Six Jillian, Laura it's tough defensively for the Irish wanna bring a lot of energy. State dry. Second down six boy Oxfordshire plenty of time. Fires complete I down across the forty five and out to the fifty Poseidon jerk picnic these over a hundred yards twenty six yard game picnic getting up showing some visible exceed relations. Dame's defense looking a little weary right now. But that doesn't mean you've seen this defense respond to big play after big play with often attornal. Cal server now twenty five out of thirty eight over three hundred yards inside of three minutes now hosted sent for the fifty. Blasingame. The tailback has it right up the middle. He's met at the line of scrimmage. Come to Papa drew tranquil says flying into that whole wrapping up excelling exploding through the body a physical tackle by the team, captain no gain second down sent two minutes. Thirty seconds left all three timeouts left for Vanderbilt. A senior quarterback with over three hundred yards passing in the shotgun to White House. She was right to to his left Irish rush. Four downfield left school barely missed. It just over his head. Julian love with the Celtics Notre Dame getting lucky they're both through tranquil and Tapan Coney felt they had the same player in coverage. Lipscomb wide open just sailed a little high by Shurmur their guttered ain't six defensive backs on the field. Griffith bride Elliott gilded Julian love is there. The crowd is here as well. Fall bringing the twelfth man Notre Dame stadium her down from the fifty. Dell server for the shock of walks up toss to his offense of line. Now is ready for the ball. Most out to his left in trouble. And just throws it away. Dalen Hayes got into the backfield through tranquil was there as well. It's fourth and Sam Venable has to go forward here. Paul. Excellent crash backlit Kareem Dalen Hayes Tony coming late in the running back to make one line of the front of the Irish. Vanderbilt. Thirty seconds. Vanderbilt now has two timeouts left to all nine laps Notre Dame leading twenty two seventy four th in San. I wonder if they're going to continue with the soccer. They're going to go forward if they punted away with two timeouts left. You wonder, you know, the only problem only two timeouts, and and if you get the ball back to really going to be at the same spot you're in anyways, not just on the field. But also needing to make one play one huge play to keep you going. So Vanderbilt Aiko Florida. You've got that senior quarterback claimed very well now twenty four out of forty three hundred eleven yards one touchdown one picks. It was I sick of the season with thirty one starts, you know, you were a quarterback. There's no situation than you're in that you don't believe in you understand how to handle your emotions in a big time play to really go through the process. It's the same way to run a first down play as the game winning play. Go through the process of this were sherman's experience is gonna come to be an asset near for Vanderbilt. Do you think about the kind of experience that is with those starts inside of SEC stadium size used to this kind of atmosphere? Down in San offense. Does come back on the field that huddled up from the right to left our near hats. The one for one converting on fourth down. But this is fourth attack. Sure. Has the ball Notre Dame washes four fires to the sideline complete? Oh my goodness. Late flag comes Dante von had the coverage. Look like an uncatchable ball. Incredible Dante von being inside the receiver turn outside. Marie. Komo's going out of bounds. Looking for the football. The ball thrown right to the bottom of the numbers inside. Unbelievable that that penalty was called vaunted. Coverage did get that left hand all top of the shoulder of Lipscomb late. There is the question as you pointed out wasn't even a catchable ball turning out to the sidelines. Inside of the bombing the numbers. I it said the Irish thirty seven blasting gave up the middle across the thirty-five brought down by drew tranquil after a gain of three clock ticking. Now, one fifty five fifty four vanity to doubts trailing twenty two seventeen. The big second down right here for the Irish second down second down seven thirty four back to the ground game blasingame. What tell by Tony before he got to the thirty yard line too. Another key third coming up ticking. One thirty one point nine, Tony, accelerating kidding. Before blasingame, really, creating tackle Jalen Elliott following up to make sure it's physical. Vanderbilt shot down and four from the thirty one to the air. The quick slant was white on the money junior. Was there? Incompletion fourth and four from the thirty one. Troy pride junior. Understanding the referees are calling a lot of penalties waited until the compared the ball. Then chopped his arm down to create that incompletion credible intelligence by Troy pride right there to understand what the situation of the game. How the game's being called and how he could change the created incompletion fantastic fought stop one fourth down four of the Notre Dame thirty one yard line. Exceed twenty two seventeen. Oh snap. There was four to pass fiery attend yard line. Complete completes. Over on downs. Back to the Irish Jalen Elliott, terrific coverage Lipscomb had his pants on it. Ryan couldn't bring it in. Lynn Elliott second game in a role. He has ultimately won the game for the Irish the catch was made on the way Tao Lipscomb had the ball ripped out by Jalen, Elliott, fantastic, technique, coverage and belief. Let's can had it in his arms had it in his arms. Jalen Elliott, creating incompletion. I think we might see a review it was a corner route he did come down with it. But as he hit the ground Elliott landed on top of them and jarred the ball loose one. Oh, seven left in the game. Notre Dame will take.

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