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Lincoln Park, Ohio, W. W. J. discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News


Only price precipitation maybe valid for I'm looking for a lesser value cannot be combined with any other offer WWJ news time is nine twenty eight traffic and weather together around the H. is gonna travel alert Katie yes this is for truck drivers of moving your way through the Ohio turnpike now for months they've been asking you to pay by debit card no cash transactions of though for you right now credit card transactions are not being accepted at exit fifty two thirty nine thirty four twenty five thirteen and also to this is due to damage fiber optic cable that provides service to those locations again at the at those locations through the Ohio turnpike they are not accepting those credit cards otherwise sub on I. seventy five northbound from the Ohio state line of through Lincoln Park and all the way into downtown you moving with no delays in that twenty in that W. W. J. traffic center I'm Katie W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty accu weather says it'll be a cloudy night rain maybe a thunderstorm overnight low sixty one tomorrow I shower in spots Leon.

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