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Just because on suitable candidates. But i have found women in general tend not to be suited to high offers jillian. And the reason why i know this yes because i watched the whole series. Know what. She doesn't say. Oh my i don okay. I support that. Could memory you know working in media and shows like this is have a pretty good memory. Remembering people's lines and margaret thatcher does not talk about nuclear warfare in the crown. This season yet. but seriously. that's that good job. Okay i'm gonna. We gave a lot of space to jillian as margaret thatcher. Because just watch it incredible groundbreaking. She's getting an emmy. But let's talk about ms karen i i. It is her twin. She is her. They are the same person i and i also led to. You know. maybe i've just like you know. Because my mom loves princess. Diana and i grew up like seeing so many photos of herself like that. I will every time. I see a sweater or an outfit. That was pulled straight from the headlines. I was like oh. Oh the costume designer. Good one good one. I mean they did great jobs with everything hair makeup costume. So good she what i loved about. Princess diana is that she was the queen of a Highway pant and like looking longingly out into the distance and there are so many scenes if like her in the palace looking snatch ways. Beautiful satin blouse guy. I love and i cannot wait to see more and more of these outfits. What i was about this guy and she really captured. You know like the youth of her. That i was like which makes sense. She was eighty two this again. I think you and i've talked about this. Is that now as adults watching things about teenage people who were older than us when we were younger. His rear older. Because i'm like wait. She was eighteen when she married. Charles that is really weird. Like i am not. I'm so far twenty but not like at seventy eight. 'cause they met when she was high school like yeah i school. Yeah yeah and when her sister was like look connected to him which talk about sister drama mike god for sisters passive aggression on that phone. We all watch it. It's it's beautiful. I would do the same thing. I would try to compromise records to okay so moving on all know. Claudia kabwe by now you know. She's kellyanne conway. Six year old daughter known for her tiktok strolling her mom and and criticizing the president. Okay now she's in the limelight for a very different reason. She's apparently auditioning for american idol. She posted this on tiktok. Hey guys i'm here on american idol confessional matt ryan seacrest today and i have my own soon so stay tuned for that very very nervous but very excited in it she does appear to be standing on an american idol interview said the show is currently holding talent. Search with a new season set to debut next year. And if you're wondering if conway actually sing. She has posted clips of herself on tiktok shopping into it. So so far. Why so You know good for her So you can see my face during this was not excited. And you get really excited about cloudy conway when we talk about her in media because she is kind of Explosive with the content she shares that content for me while she has the range to drag her mother. the president other people in dc. She doesn't have the range of there. So i just want her to go a little bit more. I think she has the potential. But it wasn't hitting for me yet. Listen i am musically challenged. So i think anyone who could hit any no is a good singer but what i will give her credit for. People know who. She is so the Herself out there to do that. That is that is bold and she is nothing if not bulbs. She is so bold. Like what you're saying. She's standing her truth. Her light her path. Whatever and i love the chief out here trying to make it work. I support her fully. I don't think he's gonna be winning like she's not kelly clarkson gap but like she can get there. She's i i look forward to seeing her future Zach is the newest judge on american idol. You had no idea. Did you mean paintcare search. She's gonna come to this show. I'm gonna do. Oh.

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