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This was supposed to be comedic relief. It was a pretty lame joke. A lot of the jokes. Senator quite lame. But i think it's a younger group in me. people who had actually maybe not heard these jokes before. I realized one of the problems with a lot of the jokes in movies are things. I've heard multiple times so they're not actually funny to me anymore. There's a lot of movies. I've shown to my son and a very lame joke will come up and he'll think it's really funny but it's because he's never heard it before so. This is one of the problems with age. Isn't that you know you have great experiences that you've experienced everything multiple times and so the thrill of that initial experience gone so there's probably jokes that i remember being super funny and movies that if i saw with an adult at the same time they'd probably already heard some version of that joke before and found it less funny than i did. Weirdly bloodshot might be a really good kids film. If you know. You're comfortable with them. Seeing people get body parts blown off and then have them digitally reconstructed in front of them but it was one of those moments where. I wonder what that young woman is put on a resume. Did she put comic relief. Co-worker girl who shakes her head. I should read the credits. I didn't actually take the time to read the credits. So that's where this fell apart. Only because i started thinking about it. Just as i was talking about the last part Where i'm talking about ice tea as soon as i said. Ice t thought of the movie poster. The movie by the way is surviving the game. It's not just like ice. Tea gets hunted by white people. If i remember correctly there is like one guy. One african american dude in the hunting party and i think that was just to make it so they could then claim to be more minded. I guess i don't know let's face it rooker howard's in it so of rigour was in it i was going to see it. That was just sort of a base rule throughout the eighties and nineties. But on the poster you have ice tea running away. he's got big dreadlocks and stuff and then you have like an of rigour that has ice teas name over a white guy and then rutger hauer over the overlay of rutger hauer. So it actually looks like someone else is getting the credit for ice tea because they usually put the name across the head But in this case they weren't actually doing that they were putting like ice t the lead character so he actually gets first billing but it just didn't look right on the poster. That's something if you're gonna make movie posters that something should think about is making sure that the names go appropriate with the person or the person who is the lead gets the biggest face that you can actually see. I think you already getting what i'm talking about. It was confusing as to who iced. He was if you never knew who is he was. Although at that point in the world pretty much new ice tea was the black guy but does she put on her resume. I was the asian girl who silently shook her head..

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