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Away with the headline around here have a number for just one blank on this one blank listed as questionable for right OB obrien Adam feeling that is correct that is how that happened you go play all right the complex three points available here Minnesota mayor is blank in blank joined blanks presidential bid Tampa Minnesota magic fry and us and our many I'm sorry Minneapolis magic fry simple mayor Melvin Carter and joined in the close are all correct and nobody cares Blake comes highest grossing animated movie ever Brian frozen to that is correct all right so what when available here I have a number seven Wisconsin teacher admits to blank in a park for now Sam and most times a day yeah but a lot of a lot of rear talk this ironically it's a front right Saint Louis park bands sales of E. cigarettes a baby yeah will out all right at two available here blank employee fired after tweeting criticism of blank one of one I know the story a little scare I know the story I was we did on there well I can't remember whose employee of bodies complaining about his Christmas gift he got from a company that is that is correct anybody on the governing the conduct the product of barbecue sauce Fastenal Fastenal employee number ten presidential candidate Blake makes his first Minnesota visit this week yeah Brian what Joe Biden Michael all right no one available here my number eleven Facebook announces ban on black right thanks that is great thank then your final headline Blake announces she is cancer free round rob okay reporter gets hurt that is correct and with that with rob's do you still my last point we have ourselves a.

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