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Hi argonne good without i remember up at night and if you are are built in bali cow or yet and uh that louis ellie girl without ed in in all the other people that looked around the clock like like did it them over here and i never thought are like wow what if people in oh my god giver like oh my god valid current break up or daughter voters style about it yeah valley girl yes yes yes yes and in that movie i don't think they were big big names where it was our there are nicholas cage was and that will always wise now i see it yes seattle from montana thirsty in california ann coulter shock oh i bet yeah that's kind of when punk was coming around to write punk rock like falko segel's fair that's a great great memory mark hang on four three eight nine seven seven six john's in johnston on wpro high jon karroll crippling download memories lay ear 1980 two and let me uh they eight yeah walker he goes well here you're you're you're the star a and drawn yup big song that year would blue own burger uber guy so there you go for your very well it always i'd always go back to singing on the show for some reason oh definite rhode islander you're the music lady and that's why we love you go on and also just for everybody so everybody know you the cardinal rule were to that you're in the world here are at the crew you know the the gorman arman bitter cold harvey's wall bangar oh it's funny yeah so i know that are no that right up on everybody remembers bill settlement who brought up ruled out john that was great thank you for the sondrio your woke up bank you are a hold on forethought john was going to join with someone who i might have known in 1982 but i was fairly young and he i thought he was going to say something about a concert what it and now now it was too i was too young for that um i've never seen elton john and concert four three eight nine seven seven six four three eight wpro who do we have a still on the line bob in north kingstown on wpro high by by the way folks if you want to call in.

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