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Environment. Now, where do you think your life would have gone if you hadn't started working in the creative field? For me, it goes back to that point around exposure because I've always had kind of an interest in creativity and design, had I been exposed earlier to architecture as a field. I think candidly, I might have actually gone into that as a career. But growing up, you just didn't have that level of exposure to the wide range of fields that are available that tap on the creative side of the brain. I remember when I was at razorfish and we started to look at some of the other parts of the business and the media side of the business and you walk into these media agencies and you would see kind of a sea of white faces and in many cases the sea of white female phases and some of it it kind of was a result of people being exposed to things and recognizing that these are places that actually existed that you could have careers. And I think for a lot of African Americans and people of color, they don't necessarily have exposure to some of these different fields and areas of possible careers and as a result, we don't necessarily get a chance to develop as big of a body of leaders and representatives in those in those companies and in those industries. What do you want your legacy to be? For me, you know, I think it actually goes back to this question of purpose. And when I was at BCG, I was in a part of BCG called bright House. And we spent a lot of time with organizations talking about purpose. And I think, you know, when you first come out of school, a lot of your focus is on, what do I need to do to show that I can be successful and how can I achieve and show my achievements? And I think now where I am in my life, it's actually less about do things to prove what I can do versus actually, what can I do to actually help drive and leave a legacy behind? So when I was at bright House, we talked a lot about personal purpose. We went through some exercises and I ended up with my personal purpose being to live in to lead with optimism..

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