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Was just eleven in the steering wheels. Were on the other side. Holy Mother at Tyler drive mostly stick shift in fairness I feel like I learned how to drive on the steering wheel in the wrong. So we'll segue here the first time I ever smoked pot or smoke a cigarette or drinking beer. Daniel was an interesting one. Oh my goodness such a good influence on the kids are listening fairness all SAM. It wasn't like this a smattering of options. Then all the way checked all the boxes but definitely not for the other two with Jill. Uh Adrienne Mitchell Sister Adrienne. She existed for like a year in our lives in and she went to live with a car or something. That's horrible the great when she was awful since four years later or job literally. That's crazy man along McDonald's also driving my car and just telling Daniel for couldn't feel my feet kick it'll just like I just can't put my. I'm GONNA get home but I I'm smoking and then you decided that was a different day drive. It picks up the first time. That'll have my sixteenth birthday and we were in cocoa beach with a bunch a longer down. The road probably wants August enjoying myself full board. Not so I'm going to handle people apparently want to come out and see you and say Happy Birthday. Yeah more people are coming to my mom's not here yet. She's dropping off my child's your mother who doesn't apparently want to be on time. She's not on timing dolder to take my child eld steering savers like it'd be early we Scott's not on the Mike you'll uncalled. Let's talk about why we as Scott guys my first thing is because he always zan rabbit holes in Drafi fucking crazy conversation take talk. Get your phone out my notes. We'll be having a conversation with somebody like you know. Steve was awesome and then talking about some rambling on bullshit about hopson awesome. He saw this thing. And I'm like Dude Man League. He did an amazing thing for us he..

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