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Singer songwriter and i was born and raised in del rio texas i wrote godspeed sweet dreams for my oldest boy when he was five years old mother had divorced and she remarried a frenchman after a custody dispute france with my son i wrote this lullaby just truly is a love song to him sledding him now that you know i was dad not cared and and i thought about all the things that you do when you're putting a little boy to mid four year old five year old boy and you know we would read stories superman's in pajamas on the couch yeah he gene i was having coffee with said how much i ate because to me you know separating child from their parents having grown up on the border antibiotics will home in a community that's eighty percent latino an understanding enough about the politics is the mess that's happening in central america politics in the drug trade you know just what could we do she said you should figure out how to sing god speed and spanish a prayer for the children at the border camino doodo son that gods i hope it changes people's hearts i think that puts a face to it it puts emotion to it it can it can win people over in ways that an argument not yeah i've closed my shows as the last encore with this song for decades i don't know if i can speak for the country music community but i know that i can speak for my audience for the most part even when they disagree with me politically they may they see my heart and they see that i'm to move towards thanks that are hard film that was singer songwriter rodney foster and that segment came to us from our friends at public radio station k ut in austin texas and now a song by musician who is herself an immigrant gaby moreno moved to los angeles from guatemala in two thousand to pursue her musical dreams and lately she's been collaborating with producer and arranger van dyke parts on her next album it's due later this fall but for july fourth day hurry to release a song called the immigrants here's gabby marino i always tell people now that i feel like an ankle baker evan living in los angeles for eighteen years that's half of my life but i'm still not a citizen i'm still a us resident can feel part of both is that that's so bad my name is gabby moreno and i was born and raised in guatemala city and i came to the united states when i was nineteen i love singing songs from latin america whether it's warm all our mexico peru origin tina and it felt good for me to be introducing this kind of music to an american audience.

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