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You're now where the president listened to tales of grief and anger from survivors of parkland sandy hook and other school shootings 18yearold sam's i've lost his best friend it marjorie steinman douglas high school and less never let this happen again please trump hinted at strengthening background checks for gun buyers expressed disappointment at the decline of mental hospitals and suggested arming teachers could be solution citing the coach killed last week saved a lotta lives i suspect but if he had a firearm me would had a runin with a shot and that would have been the end of it sandy hook parent mark borden pushed back sink teachers have enough responsibility without adding life and death i'm worn levinson bill buckley president of the florida ethics and religious liberties commissions elsa salem radio network he was in tallahassee at the florida house annual prayer breakfast what he heard the news of reverend billy grants passing but touched first came across the doctor graham had gone home in fact a moment ago i checked it out uh what a joy it must be right now for dr graham who are finally had beat her save your face to face de reunited with his beloved roof and i said would it be need if he could come back and tell us right now about how those two experiences unfolded that idea euro reverend billy graham died wednesday heavy rains caused flooding in the central us wednesday data's fire rescue battalion chief rio del tells katie fw a young woman had to be rescued by boat after driving into a flooded wrote in north alice you very fortunate hello anyone found with this new weather service meteorologist todd cooper says the rain may return this weekend in already flooded illinois northern indiana by looked like vote that precipitation will fall away from the areas that have seen the flooding this is tunnel dot com mike gallagher here again for one of my all time and i mean all time favorite sponsors relief factor dot com i.

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