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The maestro of this team. He was laughing on the sidelines. Last night he was laughing on the sidelines. Last night it was it was just again. It was remarkable to watch because the bucks are a very good team. Like it's not like this is a scrub team. It's a really good team regular season and we've the christian we gave them but where the nets all right now with kevin durant and. What durant's doing the story to me of the first two games in the first seven games thirty two points twelve of eighteen shooting. You realize he shooting in the playoffs right now. Fifty five fifty ninety one fifty five fifty forty nine hundred fifty ninety. I'm not enough be sixty-five percent now. He's averaging thirty two game. Why does this matter because right right before. His achilles snapped in the finals in the playoffs that year. He's averaging thirty two points a game in the playoffs so he picked up right where he left off. And that's why we're almost at the. I don't know if you wanna call anniversary. But of the two years to the date of when that injury happened for him in the nba. Finals and jared greenberg tnt thought. You know it's a reasonable question to ask two years later. Look where you are right back where you started k. d. didn't like the question i know you work your butt off to get to this point. Did you ever think you'd be this good. There's real question of kobe which you want me say to that. Of course it's pretty impressive. What you've been able to do thank you. I appreciate that. But i mean i was two years ago. I'm looking forward to getting up tomorrow. Going practice watching film. You see how we can get better but you know i appreciate.

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