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All right. It's three zero five. It's brewer time. Former Arizona governor Jan brewer backing Gaydos, political insider, we're going to talk about the plague enthusiasts who are at the Zona legislature. I liked Jan brewer I like talking to her. That's great MAC. Congratulations. Now, bring up something. That's later in the show that I do not like you don't wanna do this at three fifty three four hundred don't like I'm so excited. I just don't like, Lloyd. So have you seen this new internet challenge sweeping the nation? Yeah. My wife brought it to my attention thinking we should do this with our two year old. And I said, no parents or throwing cheese, you know, the yellow slices like Kraft cheese. They're throwing it at their babies bald heads and trying to get it to stick. And the only reason we're doing this is because Lloyd is the only person on the show that has a bald head and we're going to try and throw cheese and make it stick to his face or his head. Does he have to wear a bib? Yes. And we're going to do it live on the air at three forty five. And I'm going to tell you it's going to be great. And we're do Facebook live as well. Are we really Facebook live is terrific? I've always wanted to throw cheese at Lloyd. I. Have never entertained that thought in my fifty years on. Get some salami. And I throw it over there too. I might take a bite out of him. That would be awkward for everybody. But a little mustard online. Take a bite out a lawyer. That's terrific. If you were to buy a car horrified at what I just said. I know if you were to buy a car, and you knew it could only go let's say a top speed of one hundred ten miles an hour. I would start throwing cheese at would you buy it one hundred and ten well, probably not gonna go hundred ten right? But would you buy it knowing there's a limit to how fast you can go? I know I wanna faster car I want the never go one hundred. It gives me you're not Paul Moseley. Yeah. Topical. Volvo has come out with this. Volvo has always want a voice. This guy has hold on. Just go ahead. Volvo has always been known for safe cars. And now it's putting a speed regulator on its vehicles in an effort to end crashes. I never. Vehicles. It's a vehicle well that much silent vehicle. He's very he's very precise because he likes to hear himself talk. That's funny. That's exactly the way he sowed. Biff back to you. That's felt most vehicles can hit did it again, see vehicles. Most vehicles can hit speeds of nearly a hundred and fifty miles an hour a bit. Volvo says it will now prevent its cars from going faster than one hundred twelve I don't want the car. I don't know why this hasn't been done before. What do you mean? Well, I mean back in the back in the sixties or early seventies. When we had the, you know, the oil problems in the oil and gas you were born in in the seventies early. Your parents brought you home in a car. You're part of the problem. Not the solution. Gas prices spike because OPEC I'm surprised that car manufacturers said you don't need to go any farther any faster than ninety. So you don't waste gasoline and people I don't know why car has to go one hundred forty I really don't you'll need. You're never gonna use it unless you're breaking the law breaking the law, unless you're doing something that you should not be doing the CEO says while that won't stop all fatal accidents. If he says vehicles again, I'm like, all right? It's an important step in the company's goal to have zero deaths and serious injuries in its new vehicles. Tarn? He's a jerk vehicles. I know I know so you wouldn't buy a car if you knew the top speed or it had a governor on it or some kind of ability to stop you going as fast, as you know, I want to tell my friends I can go from zero to one fifty and three seconds makes cool that's gonna cost. That's okay. I can't do it in a Volvo. I know you can go to zero to fifty or sixty fifty one fifty. I don't you. Listen. I want to go zero to one fifty three seconds. I am not going to actually do it. Because I'm not insane. But but I'd like the opera I'd like the I'd like I'd like to you'd like to know you had the ability if I needed to I'd like the option, so. Yeah. Right. You'd like the option zombie apocalypse happens. You're able to oh, I don't know act like you're a bond, Iran and just go one hundred fifty miles an hour, or maybe you're going to challenge your friend Paul Moseley to a drag race. I don't think I'll I'll I'll I'll do drag race with that guy. But I'd like the option of going one fifty if something, you know, if we could possibly to motivate you to go on and was like, a massive flood in Arizona, and it not run the water.

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