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Aircraft to go up there and put out those hotspots put out, some, of, that, really, hot areas and then also dropping. Down, retardant lines to slow that fire down some of those areas the fire is burned about three hundred thousand acres you're listening to NPR news. From Washington and this is WNYC in New. York I'm David I police are investigating an apparent. Murder-suicide had a, Westchester hospital a man shot a patient to death in her bed and then killed. Himself this morning at Westchester medical center in Valhalla about thirty excuse me. Thirty five miles north of Manhattan police say there appears to be a family relationship between the victim and the shooter both people were in their seventies hospital staff receive. An active shooter alert during the, incident in the hospital went on lockdown police say the hospitals armed security, staff responded immediately and police arrived within two minutes a spokeswoman declined to, discuss whether any. Security changes might be made New York is poised to, become the first major American. City to pause the expansion of Uber and other app based ride hailing services the city council's voting this afternoon on a package of bills that includes a one year moratorium on new licenses for four. Hire vehicles speaker Cory, Johnson says it will give the city time to. Study the industry's effect on traffic congestion and drivers salaries we tried to come. Up with. What we think is a fair rational sound policy solution to, this and part of that policy solution is getting more data the proposals are supported by advocates for taxi drivers but there has been. Strong pushback. From the companies themselves and from. Those who say the vehicles have become a vital part of the city's transportation network. The council is also expected to vote at this afternoon to rezone a large swath of the Inwood neighborhood in uptown Manhattan we, will have more on both of these stories coming up this afternoon on all. Things considered eighty nine degrees right now we have a heat advisory. With us until six PM this evening this is WNYC support for NPR comes from the. Library of congress with the national library service for the blind and physically handicapped a program that offers thousands of. Books for all ages and audio and braille formats Moran LLC dot gov slash. NMLS.

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