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The twenty four forty nine exit and then you're out of it after just a couple minutes of drive time there I'm Julie Rogers next reported three thirty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happened partly cloudy tonight a low of seventy five we do have a chance of some isolated showers and storms for the rest of the afternoon but nothing serious tomorrow it's going to be a mix of clouds and sunshine twenty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms high of ninety one fourth of July looks pretty much the same a Rick Mitchell from NBC five tells us not to cancel any outdoor plans to so it should be pretty nice high of ninety two same thing for Friday mostly sunny high of ninety three right now it's eighty nine it care all the news traffic and weather all news all day news radio ten eighty KRLD your news now in North Texas six three thirty with Susie so lease sign Chris samba breaking news now newsradio ten eighty KRLD breaking news center where police are searching for a missing two year old child they see that little boy names summer bash was last seen on west prairie street in Denton sneer several apartment complexes just north of the U. N. T. campus as two year old boy described as Asian again his name is sore bash and police at this point have not issued an amber alert I didn't county woman is facing criminal charges in connection with the death of her child EMS crews from Aubrey were called to a home in Providence village on June twentieth after relatives found four year old case in Nalin alone inside an SUV he was rushed to the hospital but later died of heat related injuries thirty seven year old Lisa Nalin has been arrested on a charge of injury to a child at least seventeen children have died of heat stroke fish here after being left alone inside a hot car your skin her oldies Mitch car bipartisan legislation has been filed in Congress called the hot cars active twenty nineteen.

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