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Association michael gobert at an incredible workshop on homer's odyssey and even in homer's odyssey there are nine islands that or visited each one of the islands that are visited. Are the the people of that island or direct representation representation of each of the nine any agreement. Types in exact or my. That's how far back it. Any graham goes even further back beyond that. But what's happening. As the as people are really seeing that the dynamics of it i mean even winnie the pooh the nine characters. Winning the pu the author winning poon never even knew of the program and yet all nine of the characters are the nine types that our personalities are expressed through the nineteen. It's amazing it's actually almost miraculous if you look at it but as any aggression evolves and it goes through time the more people that are paying attention to it at understanding it and investing in it are actually helping us to understand the dynamics of it when you look at the india graham. It's easy to see this nine point system in that you've got these nine types perfectionist the helper the the peacemaker the the control. You have all these. it seems very basic. But let me tell you to be honest. I graduated college with a four point now. I am a brilliant intellectual. This thing blows my mind. I am ever learning about it. I've been studying. The indian ran for twelve years and with a question it it continues to it continues to grow almost like the the like in astrology. The start that just continue. There's just always a different dynamic or a different triad for me to learn about study. That actually helps me have a deeper understanding of the structure of my personality and how it's experienced life and how it's expressing itself is so to be honest. It's probably the most intense and dynamic system of learning that that i've ever had the study alarm. It's it's it's not as simple as the pretty little diagram implies and yet from me. That diagram implied so much. First off in it is sacred geometry right so you have the intersect of all of that and being the number nine on a spiritual level..

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