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W. parkway in ninety five and route fifty still good both ways across the bay bridge in the beltway is looking fine through Maryland and Virginia Rick McClure W. T. O. P. traffic down here just don't import forty forecast Mar Theodore rain is falling right now for pretty much everybody it'll pick up overnight becoming heavier tomorrow multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms between five AM and nine AM we could see our first round between ten AM and noon another round and then we could see some stuff on the back end of the day me I'm sorry on the back into the system between lunch time in two PM here's the deal any storms we see will be strong they will also have a strong possibility being severe damaging winds are heavy rain flooding at times and even an isolated tornado can't be ruled out tomorrow with the winds we've got wind advisories and wind warnings high wind warnings in effect from four AM to six PM for our area that's fifty five to sixty mile per hour wind gusts folks so please be careful I keep in mind that this could be hitting during the hours well some of us are still asleep temperatures are going to be in the upper seventies round eighty tomorrow upper fifties upper fifties near sixty as we head through your Tuesday at a chance for rain on Wednesday with highs on Wednesday in the low fifties right now the district sixty three degrees seventy of Fredericksburg fifty nine Leesburg thank you Samara and nine fifty one Julian Assange's partner revealed Sunday that she had two children with him while he lived inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London wikileaks founder Julian assigned secretly fathered two children with one of his lawyers while in prison Stella Morris is the south African born lawyer who first visited him while working on a legal bid to hold extradition to the U. S. she tells the Daily Mail of their secret romance the couple's first son.

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